Chris Bath leaves Seven News

Chris Bath read her final bulletin last night in Sydney, ending 20 years with Seven News.

There were tributes from sports presenter -and husband- Jim Wilson, Melissa Doyle and weather presenter Sarah Cumming.

“I want to thank everyone at Seven for a wonderful 20 years,” she said.

“And thank you to everyone at home for watching. I think we’ve got a tape to play you. I don’t know how my hair’s going to come off…”

She also penned an article in News Corp, recalling some personal highlights:

In 20 years at Seven, on so many different programs, there have been many moments like this. I reckon it’s built on trust. Trust in every crew member’s professionalism, and their trust in yours. For instance, when throwing your mouth into reverse:

Director in earpiece: “Live pics from the chopper coming in now.”

Bathie: “We have live pictures from the Seven News chopper above … Brisbane …(Earpiece: “Sorry lost it”) … coming in soon but first let’s …(Earpiece: KIM SKUBRIS SKUBRIS)

… go to Kim Skubris who’s near one of the worst flooded suburbs …” You get the idea.

Chris Bath presents her final Sunday Night tomorrow after Dancing with the Stars.


  1. After watching Chris’ departure at the end of SN July 26 2015, I got the impression she was not that happy about leaving. Couple of things said that were interestingly allowed to slip through. There’s something I don’t like about Mel. Seems as though the network is always trying to find a place for Mel which comes across spoiled princess like. Once you’ve acted like a bit of a clown doing breakfast TV for many many years it’s hard to be taken seriously doing news. She looks totally out of place and lacks credibility even just reading news. Some people at Seven are making very bad programming and personnel decisions this year.

  2. I agree with you alvar, do not think she is interested in a rival network even if she was being sought after, she does not seem like the type of person to jump from one channel to another on a whim, but what ever she eventually undertakes would like to wish her all the very best. A very classy lady.

  3. Considering that Chris got a proper sendoff and remained on air until her departure, I doubt that she would be joining a rival network. My guess is perhaps an Australian correspondent for an overseas network?

  4. After watching the clip I can’t see any issues with Mel being there .. She would have been around anyway after the 4pm news and it was Chris’ decision to leave on her terms so it was appropriate to have her replacement there .. If she had been sacked well that would have been as taste

  5. I think it’s pretty obvious Chris has another gig lined up. She probably can’t/doesn’t want to say yet.
    @mistaken A Sully Bath double would be dynamite. I can’t see Ten getting rid of Hugh Riminton though…Even if they have gotten rid of plenty of people before.

    • if Chris Bath was to join Ten she could have co-hosting the 5pm weekday bulletin and sometimes if Ten would ever bring back the Late News. Hugh Riminton could join Tarsh for the weekend bulletin.

    • I’m betting she’s going to 9……there was certainly an underlying hint in her final bulletin that another ‘chapter’ was set in stone…

    • I would love for Chris to pop up on Ten but with only one bulletin a day, unless Ten are reinvesting in the news department, there’s nothing there for her. Sandra Sully/Chris Bath doubleheader at 5 would be ratings gold though. Seven have made a massive blunder letting Chris walk. She oozes personality and appeal, something Seven’s current newsreader lacks. The way she spoke at the end of the bulletin and in the article I believe she already has another gig lined up. Fingers crossed she returns to our screens soon.
      On a side note, having Mel Doyle at the desk last night was a total insult to Chris. It was her moment to shine, not a time to promote her replacement. Poor form by whomever decided to do that.

      • Chris was sitting in exactly the same spot to farewell Roscoe at the end of his last bulletin – what would have been insulting is pushing her proper final national farewell to after 10pm on a Sunday, oh wait, that’s exactly what they’ve done…

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