Inside Story: July 9

Beware perfect strangers. Inside Story has not quite transitioned into Australian Story just yet.


After returning last week with a tonal shift, Inside Story has not quite transitioned into Australian Story just yet.

As it “profiles the courageous, the inspiring, the controversial” from “the heart-warming to the heartbreaking” this week’s tale is a little more sinister.

EPISODE 2 – “Perfect Stranger”
Jayke Williams was blonde, muscly and hot…just Ellisha Johnston’s type. So, naturally, she accepted his request to be a Facebook friend. That one unsuspecting click of the mouse changed Ellisha’s life forever. Soon she was in the throes of an intense online romance with the mysterious Jayke Williams.

But Jayke Williams didn’t exist. Ellisha had been duped by an evil, middle-aged predator who cruelly manipulated the Queensland schoolgirl for the next four years.

At one stage, Ellisha even attempted suicide to escape him. She wasn’t his only victim. Using the stolen identity of an athletic, good looking Melbourne man, he stalked dozens of other young women, convincing them to send him nude photos he later used to publicly shame them.

But, when one of those victims finally unmasked this loathsome predator, nothing could prepare Ellisha for his true identity.

7:30pm Thursday on Nine.

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  1. I’m disappointed at the shift in this show, I liked it more as a crime show showing some of the lesser known Aussie and US crimes. If I want to watch Australian Story, I’ll watch the original not a knock-off copy with ads.

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