July 26: The great Reality week


With Seven and Nine teasing their respective new cooking series, it is looking very likely that we are approaching Hot Plate vs Restaurant Revolution vs The Bachelor.

Based on previous years, Nine’s The Voice will likely be screening fewer episodes per week after the Blind Auditions.

TEN also has The Great Australian Spelling Bee waiting in the wings -a Sunday night contender to eventually go up against Dancing with the Stars?

Meanwhile MasterChef is nearing its finale, with just three contestants remaining by Thursday July 23.

It’s pretty clear that the week of July 26 is likely to now include a MasterChef final, Dancing with the Stars, Hot Plate and Restaurant Revolution.


  1. SydneyCityTV

    Anyone else willing to predict that the premiere episode of Restaurant Revolution and/or The Hot Plate is likely to be simulcast across two or three channels? 😛

  2. I’m pleased Ten is trying different reality content this year. It’s like all Nine and Seven think we want to see these days is cooking and renovation shows.

  3. You’d think Seven and Nine would have learnt from the House Rules V Reno Rumble battle not to put the same genre up against each other. I really hope Restaurant Revolution and Hot Plate are in different timeslots.

  4. So Seven and Nine *are* putting Hot Plate and Restaurant Revolution up against each other, despite the denials on this site when I first raised the possibility. Like the way they handed ratings victories to MasterChef when they put House Rules and Reno Rumble up against each other, Seven and Nine will be surrendering the field to TEN. I’m sure TEN must be eternally grateful that Seven and Nine are working so hard to kiss their problems better and help TEN recover from a very bad period.

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