Kids WB in LA


Kids’ WB continues its 10th anniversary season by travelling to Los Angeles to represent Australia in the international Razor Crazy Cart Championships this Sunday.

Co-hosts Shane Crawford and Lauren Phillips will be taking on 14 year old Trevor and 11 year old Chloe, representing Team USA.

In addition to the Razor Crazy Cart Championships, Crawf and Lauren will tour Hollywood Boulevard, visit Bugs Bunny’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and chat to John DiMaggio, the voice of Jake the dog in the popular children’s animation, Adventure Time.

Will it be Team USA or Team Australia that perfect their spins and drift circles to be crowned winner of the Razor Crazy Cart Championships?

Turbo-charge your Sunday on Kids’ WB to see all the crazy tricks and turns as the race is on to find the new world champions.

Kids’ WB continues to bring new episodes of The Batman for the first time on GO! as well as Adventure Time, and the brand new series Wabbit – A Looney Tunes Production and Be Cool Scooby Doo!

7am Sunday on GO!

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  1. I’m tired of the misleading press releases from Nine, Kids WB have not shown any new cartoon seasons or series from Cartoon Network/Warner Bros this year. The complete series of The Batman has previously been shown on Nine/Go! too.
    Be Cool Scooby Doo! and Wabbit still have not even started overseas, and I would be surprised if they were even shown this year on Kids WB, judging by previous series.

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