Media gets on board with AOK to host The Chase

Worst-kept secret fuels the game show fire with Andrew O'Keefe back as afternoon ringmaster.


News Corp is now reporting Andrew O’Keefe as host of The Chase, confirming earlier rumours published here.

TV Tonight first reported The Chase in development in mid-2014, then again in May 2015, plus Andrew O’Keefe as host earlier this month.

Now the Daily Telegraph reports O’Keefe recorded episodes in Melbourne last week with the show tipped to replace both Million Dollar Minute and Deal or No Deal.

Seven is yet to confirm any of it.

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  1. Love The Chase but why Andrew O’Keefe?,can’t stand him. We don’t watch anything with him in it in our home and there are many others of the same opinion.
    What have you done to us Chanel Seven?

  2. AOK would be a total disaster hosting Chase. He is a self opionionated, unfunny ( but he thinks he is ) host who would only ruin the show. The true stars of the Chase are the Chasers which the UK host interacts with really well. AOK would just try to make out that he is the funny one on the show with his weak jokes. The best presenter would be Simon Reeve for sure.

  3. I’ve said it before The Chase would be a disaster with AOK as host I would love the British show to continue as well please put it on 7Two Or Mate Bradley Walsh interaction with The Chasers is hilarious

  4. They need initially start Deal or no Deal in an hour format on Sunday at 7.30 before transforming it into half an hour each night at 5.30pm. Wouldn’t surprise me if they do the same with The Chase – get a big audience in prime time that shift to the news lead in for 2016.

  5. So AOK still doesn’t get the chat show he is really after then, would of been nice to see a fresh face but guess its best to go with old reliable talent ratings wise.If this is all true that is

  6. Would like to see them move the UK version of The Chase to 7 TWO, would be a shame to lose it from our screens.

    I’m assuming it won’t remain in the existing 3pm slot considering it would mean it was on at both 3 and 5 in its different iterations.

  7. AOK is great with interactive with the contestants. He did well with Deal and on The Rich List. He should be right on The Chase.

    I just hope Seven doesn’t tweak too much than the UK version. Could Seven air it towards the end of the year (October/ November) for a short run series? If successful, air it fulltime after the Tennis in 2016 for the full ratings season

  8. Sorry to get a bit off track, but now I know why Sam and Nat have been hosting Sunrise this week. Andrew is busy with this, Larry is busy with DWTS. Surely there is another bloke at 7 who could’ve hosted it though…

          1. That’s very true Mr Knox.
            But you also got to think of ratings. Would The Chase (if it goes ahead obviously) beat Hot Seat with AOK hosting.
            Apart from DOND, has AOK hosted a game show before?
            With It’s Academic and the old QuizMaster under his belt, Simon is used to the quiz show format

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