New high for TEN’s Attention, while Nine rules Monday.


Chilly winter viewing has proven fortuitous for Nine, with The Voice leading its line-up from early evening through until 9:30pm. At 1.67m it was one of its biggest audiences this year.

But there was also good news for TEN with Have You Been Paying Attention? scoring its best ever numbers at 712,000, with Jane Kennedy as host.

While Seven may be wondering if it left The Blacklist run too late, it was dominant at breakfast with Sunrise at 309,000.

Nine Network won Monday with a 32.8% share then Seven 22.9%, TEN 19.9%, ABC 19.7% and SBS 4.7%.

The Voice (1.67m) easily won for Nine then Nine News (1.33m / 1.31m), A Current Affair (1.14m), Lip Sync Battle (1.04m) and Hot Seat (720,000). Footy Classified was 306,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.11m / 1.09m) was best for Seven then House Rules (866,000), Home and Away (754,000), Million Dollar Minute (585,000) and The Blacklist (559,000 / 489,000).

MasterChef Australia (1.07m) led for TEN. The Project was 737,000 / 544,000, Have You Been Paying Attention? rose to 712,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 696,000. But Under the Dome was just 185,000.

ABC News (884,000) was best for ABC then Australian Story (807,000), 7:30 (735,000), Media Watch (689,000), Q & A (636,00) and Four Corners (629,000).

On SBS it was What’s the Right Diet for You? (227,000), SBS World News (219,000) and Pan-American Road Trip with Dara and Ed (180,000).

ABC2’s Shaun the Sheep topped multichannels with 303,000.

Sunrise: 309,000
Today: 270,000
ABC News Breakfast: 90,000 / 49,000

OzTAM Overnights:  Monday 13 July 2015



  1. Family feud is so boring and its a losd of ruubish to watch Grant Denyer is so boring and rude its time it got axed
    the project should be axed peter hillier is so booring why do people laugh at was he says
    i hate HUBPA load of dribble
    nothing wrong with home and away
    the worst australian show is wonderland this is so much more boring and time it got axed

  2. Continuing the TEN band wagon.
    Love Grant Denyer, on FF, looks like he’s enjoying it too.
    HYBPA is a “relief” amongst all the “reality” melo-dramas.

  3. While we’re on the TEN loving bandwagon.. how awesome was Masterchef last night? They’ve done well getting Marco back in. I know he’s probably polarising but I find him a real gem in front of the camera. Watching him cook was superb.

  4. I watched no television last night. The only show I was interested in viewing last night was footy classified and the was on post 9.30pm which was too late. Week by week its getting more the case where anything decent to watch on free to air is post 9pm and that’s just too late. Kinda sad not watching home and away anymore as watched it for so long. Since not watching there is very little reason to turn the tv in that 6.30pm to 8.30pm window so can see more nights of no tv in the future.

  5. Was so good to see Jane back on TV last night. She’s a natural – and funny! I also love HYBPA – maybe they could alternate hosts!?!?

  6. So glad that HYBPA is paying off. The best (only?) comedy series on air at the moment. And Jane was a good host. Not sure if it’s a point worth making or if I’m reaching, but also nice to see a female host on a show like this.

    • Love Under the Dome but this season so far is just weird. Should have been the kind of show that had one or two seasons at most and a proper ending rather than just fading away like it is going to – sort of like what happened to Heroes years ago. Not every show should be renewed for ever and ever until death – is a common proper with SciFi based series where it makes a hell of a lot more sense to have a store with beginning, middle and end instead of beginning, middle, middle, more middle… etc…

  7. “But there was also good news for TEN with Have You Been Paying Attention? scoring its best ever numbers at 712,000, with Jane Kennedy as host.”

    That’s a first.

  8. Secret Squïrrel

    Despite being top in total people, Seven have got to be worried about their continued slip in the major demos. You know something’s not right when ACA beats your 6pm News.

  9. Nine and Ten are dominating the demos atm. Especially impressive are Ten’s results for non shiny floor / big budget shows like FF, The Project and HYBPA. I’d love to overhear a call between Seven sales department and their clients. “Don’t worry, we’re no 1 in retirement homes”.

    • Seven may say “Don’t worry, we are number 1 in advertising revenue”.

      It is really good to see Ten doing well at the moment and it is worth gloating but there seems to be lots of putting down of other networks/shows. No doubt Seven and Nine have made some questionable decisions lately but Ten still has lots of work to do post-Masterchef. Healthy competition in the Australian TV industry is good but it is quite interesting to hear someone very glad to see an Aussie icon’ Home and Away’ fading. No doubt Seven needs to think about revamping the show but to see it fail miserably is pretty evil.

      • Dont get me wrong, its a disappointment that H&A is starting to dip. I for one think it’s a reflection of the stories at the moment. Pick up the storytelling and the viewers may return! Never want to see an aussie icon disappear. But thankfully its viewers may be turning to The Project, another quality aussie show. If it was all towards a US sitcom replay, it’d be be really sad. Agree with the work TEN need post MC, slowly but surely it’s on the rise, which is good for us, the viewing public!

        • I have noted the steady decline to of H&A but blame the triple episodes and Thurs doubles! It declined when Sally left, but never dropped below 900,000 and now struggles to reach 800,000. I still blame 7 programming rather than the story lines, similar to always in my opinion

      • @Kushaa – that’s precisely the point. Seven gets the lion share of advertising dollars but not backed up the ratings, especially in the demos. Ten, in particular, has been doing well in ratings / demos but is distant third in revenue. In TV advertising the rule is revenue follows ratings, but ATM there seems to be a large disconnect between the two. So I’m not surprised the likes of Apple and Google are advertising on Ten to maximise bang for their buck. Agree competition is a good thing and I personally want to see three strong commercial networks.

  10. Good to see HYBPA reach a high. A great example of what can happen if you just give a show a shot by giving a consistent timeslot and let the audience grow. Unfortunately though I wasn’t a fan of Jane as host. To me she just seemed a little awkward up there. It felt like she was that teacher at school that was too nice to say “Ed just stop being an idiot”. In saying that I still think she is great, just more so as a contestant.

    • Definitely I find one season enough! I only watch two eps a week! The reveal and beginning of the next! The bitching and rehash does my head in! I won’t arch another season This year

  11. Yeah how good is it to see! Finally H&A is waning, people must finally realize its dribble! FF is awesome, makes me laugh every night. The Project is finally getting the respect it deserves and HYBPA was a great episode last night, Jane took to it perfectly (Although seemed frustrated by Luke’s responses most of the time). When it becomes a restaurant battle betwen 9 & 7 soon, TEN need to capitalise on this and show us something different!! They need NBC’s “I Can Do That”, family fun, alternative to what we’re going to be flooded with- restaurant crap!

      • Sorry Squirrel , or should i say Comment Police! If you must know, I’m at work and was called away and wasnt sure where and if I actually had hit submit.

        But thank you! My ‘gloating’ comment was full of praise for a network that deserves it! In future, avoid commenting on my posts with an attitude!

      • …and if there was such an issue about writing appropriate feedback in two places where it’s relevant, I’m sure DK would advise me once he reads them.

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