Open Slather: July 12

A bit of a rarity, Paul Hogan has filmed a sketch with Shane Jacobson for episode eight of Open Slather this Sunday.

Hoges plays the role of a Cardinal, alongside Jacobsen’s recurring character “Father Phipps”.

This is the first time he has recorded a comedy sketch since the 1980s. Along with former Fast Forward cast, it arguably sees three generations of sketch comedy performers in the one show.

Also in episode eight:
· Princess Mary is interviewed by The Australian’s Womens Weekly and is trying to beat Princess Kate in a race for the magazine cover
· Kevin the cat gets his claws out
· Karl Lagerfeld is on the hunt for a new model for his latest campaign
· Tony Abbott is sold a new advertising campaign by Don Draper from Mad Men

7:30pm Sunday on Comedy Channel.


  1. daveinprogress

    I’m still watching but record it and skip sketches. I enjoy some of the new actors but love anything with Gina or Magda. I like the Real Housewives and Gina’s Liz Hayes. But the scripts could be tighter and funnier. Some nice observations on modern mores.

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