Renewed: Mad as Hell back in 2016


EXCLUSIVE: Strictly speaking it probably isn’t formally commissioned as yet, but ask Shaun Micallef and he plans on more Mad as Hell in 2016.

“Back in May which is good, for probably 12 episodes. So it will be a single season next year. And we’ll see what else,” he told TV Tonight.

Micallef has just finished shooting his new sitcom The Ex-PM for ABC, due to air later this year.

His calendar can invariably include television, stage or books, and he hinted at other projects for SBS (he recently filmed Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven for SBS).

“There could be some non TV things as well. I try to do other things before they get sick of you.

“There will come a point in my life when I’m not doing something entirely devoted to myself. That will be challenging. Let’s face it, working on television, writing your own material and performing your own material is quite self-interested, isn’t it?

“So it would be nice to think at some point I’ll care enough about the rest of the world to do something that’s not about me.”


  1. The ABC now needs a show to keep the seat warm between Charlie’s leaving and Shaun’s return. The Roast Re-Heated, Checkout These Travel Expenses, The Electoral Office, Grand Political Designs – Revisited, My House Rules, The Two Tony’s, Yes or No Minister, Would I Lie To You, Contradictions, Go Back To Who You Think You Are.

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