Returning: Please Like Me


It’s still months away, but ABC has already announced the third season premiere for Please Like Me – Thursday, October 15 at 9.30 pm.

Presumably the push to reveal the date so far out is in some way linked to its US season on Pivot.

Original cast members reprising their roles are Josh Thomas are Thomas Ward (Tom), Caitlin Stasey (Claire), Hannah Gadsby (Hannah), Keegan Joyce (Arnold), Debra Lawrance (Mum), David Roberts (Dad), Renee Lim (Mae) and Josh’s dog, John. Joining the cast is Emily Barclay as Ella.

The third season also marks the show’s move from ABC2 to ABC’s primary channel.

Rick Kalowski, ABC Head of Comedy, said, “We’re thrilled to introduce Please Like Me to a whole new ABC audience with its move to our main channel for its third season. We know it will delight existing fans and find many new ones”.

Inspired by the stand-up comedy and real life experiences of Thomas – the series creator, writer and star – Please Like Me explores the world of a man who’s in no hurry to grow up.

This season Thomas extends his talents by taking a seat in the director’s chair for an episode. Original director Matthew Saville also returns. The new 10-part series will give viewers another glimpse into Josh’s darkly funny world.

When asked what viewers can expect to see that’s different this time around, Josh Thomas said, “I lost too much weight in my face this year and now I have my dad’s face. Otherwise Season 3 is our best yet”.

Since its debut on ABC2 in 2013, Please Like Me has been praised by critics around the world. It was named one of the year’s best shows by prestigious publications including The New Yorker, TIME and The Los Angeles Times and has been named in the top five TV shows of the year by America’s Entertainment Weekly for two years in a row. It has earned a swag of awards and nominations here and overseas including nominations for the International Emmy Award, the Rose d’Or Awards, the GLAAD Media Awards and the Logie Awards for Most Outstanding Comedy, Most Outstanding Light Entertainment and Most Popular Actor. It has also been nominated for nine AACTA Awards, taking home the trophies for Best Comedy Series, Best Screenplay in Television and Best Performance in a TV Comedy.

Please Like Me is a Pigeon Fancier/John & Josh International production, produced in association with ABC TV and US broadcaster Pivot.


  1. Great news! I’ve been checking Pivot each week to see when it comes back, love the show. Very funny and spot on depiction of mental illness which is refreshing to see.

  2. my reaction to this article was to suck in a big breath of air. I thought it was coming back in August and was looking forward to seeing it….but it’s still another couple of months away from there. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. I know this is a show that many commentators on this site like to bag but I actually really like it. I find it funny and quite deep for a comedy. I for one am looking forward to the new season and am also happy that ABC have bumped it up to their main channel.

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