SBS ONE is no more


Yesterday SBS ONE reverted to simply “SBS,” after six years with the “ONE.”

Just as ABC dropped ABC1 a year ago, the primary channel now underlines the brand.

“We know from our audiences that the SBS brand is distinctive and trusted and that people strongly identify with our core brand SBS,” the network said in a recent statement.

“So we are embracing that and making our flagship channel SBS.”

SBS 2 remains a youth-skewed channel that “challenges the status quo.”

It could take 6-8 weeks for SBS ONE to disappear from OzTAM listings.


  1. Yeah, I’d say to distinguish the network and channel in discussions, some people may choose to continue referring to the channels with “one” on the end.

    Curious though, why would it take 6-8 weeks for OzTAM to update the names?

  2. I’m with tomothyd, it was silly of the ABC to drop ABC1 and it’s just as foolish for SBS to do it. When you want to tell someone which ABC or SBS channel something is on how can you do it if the one of the channels doesn’t have a unique id – “It’s on SBS” could mean it’s on the main SBS channel or it could mean it’s on one of the SBS channels but you can’t recall which one in particular.

    In an age of multi-channel networks each channel needs a unique id, you can’t use the same name for both the network and one of its channels, it’s a recipe for confusion and misunderstanding.

    • I think people still automatically associate “ABC” with ABC1, and “SBS” with SBS One. If people want to talk about the multichannels, they’ll say “ABC2”, “SBS Two” etc etc.

      There was never any confusion.

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