Screen: July 9


If you’re a regular viewer of Screen on Foxtel Arts you could be forgiven for being somewhat confused with episode playouts at the moment, which are drawing upon previous episode interviews.

These are part of Screen Specials airing while the show is on a production break. They will air up to and including August 13.

Tonight Graeme Blundell & Margaret Pomeranz present the 2nd of seven specials.

On this Screen Special, we feature two key players who are creating some striking and unique television in Australia today, Deborah Mailman from Redfern Now: The Telemovie and Trisha Morton-Thomas from 8MMM. We interview Dean Francis about his new film Drown and Web Commentator Adam Rozenbachs brings us a Game of Thrones parody so good, it should be its own series.

8pm Thursday on Foxtel Arts.

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