Seven News staff evacuated

Seven News staff had to be evacuated from Martin Place headquarters yesterday after an electrical fault.

A water leak caused smoke in a control room, but not fire.

However despite being allowed back into the building 90 minutes before the 6pm bulletin, staff were unable to put the News to air.

As a result the Melbourne bulletin was broadcast into Sydney, including with local weather for both cities.

Source: Twitter, News Corp


  1. I thought 7 Sydney/Prime NSW had a half-hour read by Mrs Wilson…er…Ms Bath, followed by an ep. of Border Security. As I gave it all so little attention I could be wrong.

    • Sydney / NSW got the half hour news from Melbourne. They went to Border Security International when Melbourne started AFL coverage at 6:30.

    • Nope. Half hour bulletin read by Maddern with only one Sydney story. Chris Bath did a “coming up on 7 News” at 5:50pm and that was the last we saw of her.

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