ABC iview sets new records in July


July has seen iview break new records for ABC,  with 35.5 million program plays and 2.1 million visitors across the iview site and Apps.

Glitch is already the number one ABC show on iview for 2015, recording more than 1 million iview plays, with two weeks availability still to go.

Other Australian productions making up the 2015 iview Top 10 include The Secret River, The Killing Season, Hiding, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

The ABC KIDS iview app launched in March has now served over 5 million plays, becoming the leading video on demand service for children 0-4.

ABC Director of Television, Richard Finlayson says: “Our audience is changing the way it consumes content – challenging traditional broadcast TV norms.

“ABC TV is committed to making quality, unique Australian stories freely available to audiences when and where they want to access them. We’ve already started on this journey and by putting our audiences at the centre of our decision making, will continue to do so.”

Next month the entire series of Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane, will be available to binge-watch on iview first, before airing in October.


  1. 2.1m people watched an average of nearly 17 whole eps in a month? When the site is busy it takes me 3 or more attempts to watch an episode. These figures clearly heavily inflated by restarts. We’ll need to wait until Oztam’s system is running to get accurate audited figures.

    So Glitch’s 1m is an average of 166k per ep and discounting restarts comes out at 40-60k per episode. Which fits with Oztam’s and the ACMA’s figures for online viewing v overnights. The ABC and Fairfax can keep trying to pretend Glitch had wonderful acting, ingenious plotting and was popular all they like. It’s a dog.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I am not surprised …it is the only catchup worth watching now….
    SBS use to be almost on par…now the worst….I watch a few things…but try to avoid the mouth of people speaking as it mostly out of sinc…

  3. iView’s great, if only I could say the same about SBS on Demand. Not only can’t I get it on my brand new iPad, I can’t even get their website up – at all – on my PC. Well I get some sort of unfinished version of their website, just text. What’s going on? I had no problems with my previous first generation iPad.

    In contacting them, they acknowledge some problem but are very vague about fixing it. Maybe I’m the only one with problems. So annoying and frustrating.

    • Maev....Sydney

      No it is not you or your PC/I Thingy….SBS On Demand has totally changed…and not for the better…*sigh*
      I use to just click on and view…cannot do that anymore…requires much fiddling around to get anything remotely watchable…for me….

    • No its not definitely not just you. Haven’t touched it in weeks because the pc site is just crap and unusable. Unfortunately Bosch isn’t available on the sbs on demand windows phone app so not as convenient to keep up with it.

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