ACA raises $1.15m for family in need


On Monday, A Current Affair launched an appeal to raise funds for Sharon Chan and her sons William and Oliver.

Currently 39 weeks pregnant, Sharon is raising sons William and Oliver, who was born with Down syndrome and diagnosed with leukaemia 18 months ago. Two weeks ago husband and father, Robert, died suddenly at home.

Viewers have since donated $1.15 million following Brady Halls’ story.

Host Tracy Grimshaw said: “Stories like Sharon’s make us appreciate how precious life is, and how quick we all are in our day to day lives to sweat the small stuff.

“She has been dealing with challenges that would bring most people to their knees. And Australians saw that and wanted to help. It’s been a lovely week to come to work.”


  1. spectrum warrior

    We poo poo programs like ACA often because they are easy targets. But sometimes they do good, and for that we should say thank you.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Yes, but who gets to decide that this particular family is the one that they’ll raise a lot of money for? Why not (for example) give $115,000 to 10 needy families, or $11,500 to 100?

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