Axed: Haven to end with Season 5

Showrunner says writers were prepared for the end for supernatural drama.


Syfy has cancelled its supernatural drama Haven which will end its run after the upcoming fifth season.

Showrunner Gabrielle Stanton told TheWrap that even though the decision came after the series had wrapped, but the creative team was prepared for the end.

“I’m sure as a fellow TV fan, there’s nothing more annoying than when a show kind of feels like it might be wrapping up, but they just don’t address it, they don’t come to any kind of satisfying conclusion,” she said.

“I always think that’s cheating the audience a little bit, of a nice satisfying ending. So we really looked at these 13 episodes as if… If we were indeed going to end, what would be the best ending we could possibly do for Haven?”

“We left it open but if it is the series finale, we think the fans will be satisfied. We didn’t want to leave it on a giant cliffhanger, just in case we didn’t come back. We didn’t want to leave fans going, ‘Wait a minute!’ because I’ve seen shows do that, and as a viewer, it’s just so frustrating. So as a writer it was kind of nice to say, ok, if this is the end, how can we leave this world in the most satisfying way possible?”

The series returns in the US in October for the final 13 episodes.

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    1. Its actually Season 5 part 2, as Syfy commissioned a 26 episode season 5, this is the last 13 episodes. They will also air on the same day as the US here, with Syfy Australia announcing that Haven is set to return on Friday October 9.

  1. When they announced a a double length episode S5 screened over 2 years it was pretty clear they were trying to get two seasons before actors could renegotiate contracts. That was reported as the likely end.

    It’s a shame that they didn’t make that official and wrap everything up once and for good.

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