Big Bang Theory (without the laugh track)

A YouTube user has removed the laughter (almost) from The Big Bang Theory says it has been done to “expose how unfunny the show actually is when you take out the laugh track”.

“I increased the volume of the background noise to make it seem a little more believable,” he says of one clip.

“I do not own The Big Bang Theory, please don’t sue me. This is meant as a joke,” he adds.

Good luck with that.




  1. I am sure that you could say the same for any sitcom that has a canned laugh track.
    Why pick on this one, just because you do not like it??

    • I don’t really understand what some people have against TBBT, it may not be the best ever, but is the highest rating comedy now, and can be really funny! And it beats reality tv any day!

  2. Nope, still funny. And you know what, I make no apologies for finding the show funny either. I also enjoy other types of comedy, especially black comedy. I love Parks & Recreation and OITNB and Family Guy and many other shows that according to the internet are acceptable for one to like. But sometimes I’m in the mood to watch some sitcoms like TBBT or 2 Broke Girls. Yes most of the jokes are pretty obvious and yes the laugh tracks manipulate you but so what? I can watch the fabulous Kat Dennings all day long, and sometimes you just need to switch your brain off.
    I think the people who are all judgey about what other people like watching that are the ones who need to get a sense of humour.

  3. Yes, love this. My mum used to laugh on cue at any old stupid sitcom (example- s**t my dad says)
    She’d look at my stony face and ask “Don’t you have a sense of humour”
    But she grew up with sitcoms and was trained like a monkey, god rest her blessed soul. Love you but not your sitcoms.

  4. Mr game show fan

    I thought The Big Bang Theory had an actual studio audience.
    They definitely had a studio audience during Season 4 because of the Season 4 DVD behind the scenes.

    • They do but they can control the amount of laughter heard in what goes to air, I don’t know if they add more to it but from the taping reports I’ve read it’s all genuine and often they need to re-do scenes when they is too much from the audiance. Most often when they have a special guest star or something but happens between characters like Penny telling Leonard she loves him for the first time.

  5. It becomes an art form all its own with those long pauses for no apparent reason. Kind of David Lynchian. I find the show infinitely more watchable like this. Hypnotic in a way.

  6. still find it funny though, laugh track is more of an inducement but of course you can’t be laughing for the whole episode and some lines are obviously better delivered than others; but what exactly is your point posting this? Unless of course you’re angling towards ____ …?

  7. These have been posted before. CBS puts out take down notices pretty quickly.

    There are still few lines that make you smile, mostly Parsons, and those are not the funniest scenes. But there are a lot of ordinary scenes, and episodes that rely heavily on the laugh tracks. Especially once Lorre inc. is churning out 100 eps a year.

  8. TasTVcameraman

    Thanks for this, I do not find the show funny at all, and I admit I hate laugh tracks. I do not require to be told when to laugh or to laugh at something that the writer thinks is funny.

  9. I’ve seen this done in reverse – for Silence with the Lambs. Someone added a laugh track to the “girl in the well scene”… you feel evil laughing along with it – but shows the power of the laugh track.

  10. I still laughed. Why are you only posting this now when those videos are a few years old? I don’t really think this makes a point. You could take the laughter out of almost any comedy and it would be less funny.

  11. I quiet like the show, but one night I thought to myself that the laugh track appeared to be way over the top. Won’t stop me watching it, but once it is in your head, it did detract from the show.

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