Dreamworld ‘dismantling’ Big Brother house


More signs that Big Brother is heading into another long sabbatical today, with reports Dreamworld is dismantling its BB house on the Gold Coast.

It’s no secret the show is out for this year, with Celebrity Apprentice set for a return.

Nine’s Andrew Backwell tells News Corp: “We have no plans to bring it back at this stage, it is however still in consideration so we are certainly not ruling it out.

“We also believe it would work brilliantly on GO! but we need to work through a business case to see if the investment was viable.”

But finding the right balance for an expensive show on GO! remains problematic.

Nine’s contract with the franchise expires in 2016 while Producer Alex Mavroidakis has joined ITV to oversee I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

The Dreamworld map currently indicates the BB Studios as “Closed.” It has previously been available for private functions.

But never say never. Big Brother aired on TEN from 2001 – 2008 before being revived in 2012 for three seasons on Nine.

Nine has already confirmed the return of Celebrity Apprentice, The Farmer Wants a Wife and Australia’s Got Talent.

In this age of stripped reality shows underpinned by social media, Big Brother could easily return at some point down the track, including a return to its original home on TEN.

Photo: (BB 2014) Daily Mail


  1. I hope this is the end of Big Brother; it’s just so boring. I mean, nothing much ever happens in it. All you get for the most part is a bunch of morons sitting around on their butts doing sod all.
    Which is much the same reason why I hate cricket.

  2. David, the CEO of Dreamworld has in a statement said that the house is still in tact and is available for bookings.
    Seems it’s not true after all…

  3. The Things I've Seen.

    If it were to come back, I would like to see the house located somewhere else. This way we can get a completely redesigned house, not just redecorated.
    Of course there is the possibility that they are just renovating for the rumoured season of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

    • As a Brit, please no!!! don’t destroy the Australian version to become like our version, a bunch of egotistical talentless idiots from the fringes of society, the only changes the Australian verison needs is to get back to casting proper everyday people instead of trawlling talent agencies for clients and passing them off as normal people who just turned up at auditions.

  4. Channel 9 TV execs will want to employ me after this concept.

    Big Brother vs The Block vs The Hot Plate … 3 shows in 1 … So no budget for a big brother house (you can get your freebies from hardware suppliers and produce The Block at the same time)… no need for a food budget (you can get the contestants from The Hot Plate to cook free food supplied by manufacturers and supermarkets to feed the contestants in the Big Brother house)

    FTA networks are racing to the bottom when it comes to cheap content. The irony is this would be the perfect era for tape erasing as who would want to watch this modern reality tripe more than once.

  5. Another person who wants it back on ten but not for about 2 years it needs a rest and to come back with real people like the reggies chrissies alices trevors peters etc if you’re only going to the people who only go in it to get there 5 minutes of fame like it was on nine then don’t bother

  6. I would like to see a gender based version males one year, females the next. The female one would be so bitchy it wou l d be riveting to watch.

  7. Yep another vote for Channel 10 taking it back on. Make it more adult. Put it back where it was in its early years by casting more normal people, instead of a bunch of people who only want to use it as an audition for a mediocre job in radio. Give them plenty of booze and sit back and just let things happen naturally instead of trying to force situations. A live stream is an absolute must. It would work.

  8. I never watched BB on Ten, although I’m sure it would have put Nine’s to shame. I really enjoyed the Tim Dormer season in 2013, and I was satisfied with the amount of airtime, house dynamics and live updates on the website. But last year’s season was absolutely dreadful. Way too many stunts, not enough ordinary people, house dynamics and heavily edited. I wouldn’t commit to another series on Nine.

  9. The Things I've Seen.

    Whilst I loved this show and remember how big it used to be, partially as we had never really had reality tv before it. I do think 9 needs to do a complete overhaul of it. If 10 don’t want it, I would like to see SBS have a crack at it. They could select a good mix of diverse people.

  10. Maybe, if they didn’t try and turn it into some sore of family friendly show and stuck with the format on Channel 10, making it more appealing to adults, then it might have rated better.

  11. TEN should do a stripped adult version of BB for late nights at 10.30pm (ish). Their content is pretty bare about this time. The only problem is it would it justify the investment to air at that time? And I think IACGMOOH is a better and more interesting version of BB anyway.

  12. Nine ruined the show, loved it on Channel 10, but it was unwatchable on Nine. The casting, the editing, the entire feel of the show was poor.

  13. Just an idea to make their Go! Idea work.

    What if the regular daily show is on Go but the weekly eviction (with a recap of the weeks events) airs on 9.

  14. If Big Brother was to return, they would need a radical alteration to the format to keep it alive. If they adapted the US version (housemates can discuss strategy and vote each other out Survivor-style) to make it more of a “competition” rather than a popularity contest, it may hold some interest.
    The last season was already borrowing elements heavily from the US version, so why not go the whole hog? It’s gotta be better than the painful mess of recent years.

    • I don’t really watch BB in the current format, but I would be more likely to watch it if there was a more Survivor, vote each other out format.

    • Maev....Sydney

      I have talk to folk in the US who love their version…so you may have a point…..
      I loved the first few years of BB….on TEN….what Nine offered up ..was a shocker….
      The also need the constant interaction on mobile devices…my adult kids and their friends loved that aspect of it….

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