Foreign Correspondent: Aug 11


Tonight Foreign Correspondent hears from Chinese citizens on the economic reforms of their leader Xi Jinping.

A diving stock market, a wobbling economy and a new security crackdown: where is China heading? Tapping into voices you’ve never heard, Stephen McDonell reports on the changing face of the superpower.

To many of us, China looms large and scary. It can smash our prosperity if it stops buying our minerals or our meat. It projects belligerence and militancy by building islands in waters claimed by other countries.

At least that’s a view from the outside looking in. But what do China’s own people think about where their country is going? What do they make of their leader Xi Jinping and his economic reforms, his quashing of dissent and his drive against corruption?

China Correspondent Stephen McDonell takes the pulse of the world’s most populous nation through the lives of seven people in a single city, the old capital Nanjing.

Stephen McDonell opens a window into the lives of Chinese people and their dreams, hopes and fears in “Tales of a City.”

8pm Tuesday August 11, ABC TV.

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