Inside Story: Aug 6


Tonight’s Inside Story presents “Mother Knows Best” that asks at what age should mothers stop breast feeding?

It’s a confronting sight. A mum breastfeeding her six-year-old daughter, a schoolgirl.

Many will be shocked, even disgusted, but Maha Al Musa is happy to court controversy.

The 52-year-old Byron Bay mum is the standard bearer for what she describes as “natural motherhood”.

She’s a staunch believer in homebirth, is vehemently opposed to vaccination, and advocates a whole raft of other extreme views on raising children.

Maha believes modern mothers have lost touch with their natural mothering instincts … but her critics believe she’s lost touch with reality.

Thursday, August 6 at 7.30pm on Nine.


  1. If you haven’t anything nice to say zip it. She is not harming her children or anyone else for that matter. Her family is supportive, the boys are beautiful and healthy, let them be. This critic should mind her own business, and speak for herself only. If she want’s to breast feed, good for her as long as her girl wants to. People’s mind’s are so full of mush.

  2. It is fascinating that for one person in support of a natural way of life 3 opposing factions are presented promoting fear and judgement of difference. 3 against 1, what are they so afraid off? Life!
    I have had a C section and a natural birth. I have experienced the joy that comes from allowing my body to do what it was designed to do, releasing the right hormones at the right time to support mother and baby. And the ecstasy from my own bodies chemistry left me in wonder. I have breastfed all 4 of my children from 3 months to 31/2 years, and from reading on what we look upon as being primitive tribes, I understand that for maximum health and survival breastfeeding is natural up to 5 years of age.
    I have also vaccinated my older children and not my younger ones.
    If vaccines are so effective why are people so scared of illness? Shouldn’t they feel more secure? Or do they realise that…

  3. This woman has annoyed me so much. She doesn’t know anything! I had all expectations of having a vaginal birth with no drugs and was totally in shock when I had to have an emergency cesarean because if I didn’t my beautiful now 17 year old son would have died. The unbilical cord was wrapped around his neck! Stupid woman! She is so lucky that all went well for her. Who in their right mind would want someone sucking on their breasts for 6 years straight. Yuk!

  4. She sounds extreme. I’m no expert but working with animals, animals only feed their offspring milk until they can feed on solids. My three kids were eating solids comfortably from 6 months on, so technically milk is no longer a source to provide the child with it’s daily intake of nutrition in order to grow. My three one year olds have their sippy cups still but only require a small amount of milk per day and that advice comes from a nutrition expert. I find it odd when I see a older child with a dummy let alone still breastfeeding. Maybe it’s this mothers way of having control over the child which is more to her benefit then it would be the childs.

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