Kyle: “Australia, this is what a real man looks like!”


Kyle Sandilands did his bit for morning television today when he ripped off his shirt on The Morning Show.

Responding to a previous ‘dare’ by (the older) Larry Emdur to agree to a magazine cover, the former X Factor and Australian Idol judge told Emdur he looked good but he wasn’t a real man.

“Australia, this is what a real man looks like!” said Sandilands. “No shooting from the sides!

“That there is a fake man,” he directed at Emdur. “This is an Australian man!

“I’ve been fat-shamed all over the magazines and newspapers, here it is.”

“Better to do it on your own terms,” advised Kylie Gillies.

As Larry Emdur pondered where to place Sandilands’ body mike, the radio host said, “I’m feeling like we should cut to a vacuum cleaner commercial or something.”

But Sandilands also admitted, “I think I’m going to have to do something about the weight. I’ve got the high blood pressure, the sleep apnoea, I’m a mess.

“I’d like to live a bit longer.”

Sandilands said he will also have a hernia operation in December.

The segment was followed by advertorial that began with “Three in 5 Australians are overweight…”


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