“Leave TV laws alone.” Seven Qld returns fire at regional campaign.

With its Victoria Cross hero Ben Roberts-Smith, now state GM, in one corner, Seven Queensland has returned fire at regional broadcasters running a campaign calling on media reform.

Seven has taken aim at the “Save Our Voices” campaign to “save” local news, mounted by WIN, Prime and Southern Cross Austereo.

“Seven Queensland spends more on local news than our commercial competitors combined,” it says.

“They want to make it easier for mergers and takeovers. We don’t support their bullying and threats and viewers shouldn’t be treated as pawns.”

The video is authorised by outgoing Qld general manager Neil Mooney and fronted by news presenter (and former Family Feud) host Rob Brough.


  1. SOV was nothing but a blackmail and bullying campaign. They were threatening the government that unless media laws were changed they would close down their newsrooms. A threat and blackmail in anybody’s language.

  2. The Save Our Voices campaign, which seems to have fizzled out (on NSW regionals) was purposely vague and misleading from the start. It wasn’t until people started pressuring the SOV Facebook site on “so it’s really about allowing one big media mogul to merge with another big media mogul?” and “who does WIN want to buy and/or who wants to buy WIN?” that the real motive of the SOV exercise became clear. The claims that local news outlets would close unless the government changed the laws (without setting out what the laws should be changed to) was farcical.

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