Minority Report among US pilots leaked


Pilot episodes of several upcoming US TV shows have been leaked online: Minority Report, Lucifer, Blindspot and The Carmichael Show.

Minority Report, the small-screen version of the 2002 Tom Cruise film, is scheduled to premiere in late September but has been leaked with no visible watermarks.

Crime-horror series Lucifer, loosely based on DC Comics The Sandman, is not due on FOX until 2016, while Blindspot, starring Jaimie Alexander and Aussie Sullivan Stapleton, has appeared six weeks in advance of its NBC debut.

TorrentFreak reports the source of the leaks is currently unknown but the Lucifer pilot was screened exactly a month ago at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con.

NBC sitcom The Carmichael Show, starring Jerrod Carmichael, the show features a fictional version of his family.

While download numbers described as “currently brisk,” Blindspot is nowhere near as popular with pirates as Minority Report and Lucifer.

Australian broadcasters are yet to be confirmed for the leaked titles.


  1. I agree with comments shown, the leaks are obviously intended to get a preview rating of show, which brings a smile as pirating must have a use after all.

  2. Judging by some comments from people who downloaded the pilot of Minority Report, it’s hardly worth the time spent downloading and watching. The show is poorly scripted and acted….

  3. Yeah, it smacks of calculated market assessment. Aint nothing like fanboys (and girls) to give instant, vocal and priceless feedback to tweak a costly franchise like Supergirl in time for its official release. I ain’t complaining coz as Guano said, it worked nicely for The Flash.

  4. The pilot of The Flash was leaked last year, and it worked really well for them. That may or may not have been deliberate, but when the Supergirl pilot was leaked a couple of months ago (made by the same production team), I think that was certainly on purpose to replicate the response.

    I suspect most of these new leaks were also deliberate. Soon they won’t even be considered leaks, they’ll be called official sneak-previews.

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