Next contestants revealed for The Block


There’s no escaping renovation this year. The five teams who will compete in the next season of The Block have been revealed.

Filming has been underway at the octagonally-shaped former Hotel Saville in South Yarra, for several weeks.

The cast features 4 new couples and 1 previously-eliminated team with the series set to barrel headfirst into renovation, with no preliminary eliminations. This helps Nine avoid any secrecy in its early promotions.

According to Woman’s Day the cast includes:

Dean, 30, and team mate Shay, 28, are from Newcastle, NSW. Dean is an electrician. Shay is an English and drama teacher.

Andrew and Whitney, both 28, are from Melbourne. Andrew is a form worker while Whitney is a beauty therapist.

Suzi, 44-year-old, is a real estate agent while Voni, 39, is a fitness studio manager. Both are from the Gold Coast.

Kingi and Caro both 31 are from Townsville. Kingi is a renderer. Caro is a business development manager and cheerleader with the NRL.

Ebony, 23, and brother Luke, 28, are from WA (Ebony from Busselton, Luke from Perth). While Luke is a carpenter and landscaper. Ebony is an interior designer and decorator.  They were eliminated early in a previous challenge.

The show is expected to succeed The Hotplate.


  1. Over it. They have now done Melbourne to death. Why not Brisbane and make them do some Queenslanders….in summer! That should make them sweat.

  2. Isn’t this the 3rd season of The Block this year or am I mistaken? It just seems to always be on or maybe it just seems so with Reno Rumble which was technically The Block too.

  3. bettestreep2008

    Good lord. Are Australian viewers really desperate for another Block this year? Didn’t Nine just give us The Block and Reno Rumble already?

    Thank goodness Ten is offering something a little different from all the cooking and renovating shows.
    Spelling Bee is very enjoyable, Bachelor is trash TV and very addictive and soon we will have The Biggest Loser Families.

    And bravo to Ten for effectively using one of the catchiest pop songs of all time – shake it off – in their promos.

  4. If it were my decision, I would rest the format and then come back strong in February with the promised “back to basics” approach. With Celebrity Apprentice and Farmer Wants A Wife on the way, I’m sure Nine could make do without The Block until 2016.

  5. I’m happy ebony and Luke get another chance as they were my fave last season and wld rather have had them in then tim and anastacia.

    Can’t wait!

  6. Cant we please get rid of these renovations shows, this will make the third one for nine (obviously nothing else to show) this year, and if seven have another one it will be there second, although I doubt now if they will go ahead with their second one, talk about nine being dumb and dumber, lets hope this flops so that they will give it a miss next year.

  7. I met Kingi week one day four, while going past the site.

    He was a friendly guy. And happy to chat.

    I went past again the other day, and it’s made huge progress, and the terraces look great from the side street.

  8. Let me guess. 7 will wheel out House Rules because 7 and 9 like programming the same crap against each other, which annoys just about everyone else.

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