Returning: A Place to Call Home


A Place to Call Home will have its third season premiere on SoHo in late September with new cast members Tim Draxl, Brenna Harding, Mark Lee, Rick Donald and Robert Coleby.

Ahead of the new episodes, Season Two will conclude with the new ending that rewrites the series.

When this season first aired on Seven last year an abrupt ending attempted to wrap up storylines after the network chose to discontinue the show. But now a new ending will no longer resolve storylines, leading into the third season.

SoHo will screen marathons of seasons one and two capped off with An Audience with the Cast of A Place to Call Home. The cast will field questions from a studio audience and the special goes behind the scenes.

Returning cast members include Marta Dusseldorp as Sarah Adams, Noni Hazlehurst as Elizabeth Bligh, Brett Climo as George Bligh, Craig Hall as Dr. Jack Duncan, Sara Wiseman as Carolyn Bligh, David Berry as James Bligh, Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood as Olivia Bligh, Abby Earl as Anna Bligh, Aldo Mignone as Gino Poletti, Jenni Baird as Regina Standish, Frankie J. Holden as Roy Briggs, Deborah Kennedy as Doris Collins, Ben Winspear as Rene Nordmann and Heather Mitchell as Prudence Swanson.

In season three of A Place to Call Home:

As Australia faces internal and external threats to its way of life so too do the people of Inverness, and previous alliances and relationships are tested.

Sarah‘s dilemma, between her feelings for George and her duty to her husband Rene, is exacerbated by a heartbreaking secret. James and Olivia’s relationship is under pressure when the true parentage of baby George is threatened with exposure. Elizabeth Bligh’s decision to leave Ash Park to explore a life of her own proves more difficult than she thought. Anna and Gino face the difference between the fairytale romance and the reality of married life. Independent lovers Carolyn and Jack try to move closer to a commitment. Through it all Regina’s manipulative behaviour weaves an impenetrable web around George.

In the sleepy village of Inverness, sex, death and secrets are never far below the surface.

SoHo dates:
Season 2 finale 8.30pm Sunday, September 13
Season 1 marathon 10:30am Saturday September 19
Season 2 marathon 10:30am Sunday September 20
An Audience with the Cast of A Place to Call Home 7:30pm Sunday September 20

Season 3 premiere Sunday, September 27 at 8.30pm.


  1. Thanks to Foxtel for renewing this and well done to all the production crew involved. It’s a big loss for Seven, especially considering how lacking their drama department is these days. Hoping that Season 3 might be available to purchase on iTunes.

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