Returning: Strike Back

Action series returns to FOX8 next month with Aussie Sullivan Stapleton.


Action series Strike Back returns to FOX8 next month with Aussie Sullivan Stapleton.

This series “Shadow Warfare” premiered internationally in 2013, prior to Sullivan’s accident, which set back the subsequent season.

It was originally due to premiere in May but was rescheduled.

The heart pumping thriller Strike Back returns with another season of non-stop, edge of your seat story lines that keep you guessing. In season 3, when a Section 20 operative is executed in Lebanon by Leo Kamali (Zubin Varla), a member of Al- Zuhari’s terrorist organization, Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) travel to Columbia to try and take him alive.

Sundays from September 13 at 8.30pm FOX8.

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    1. Strike Back has always been one of those shows where working out Season numbers has been confusing. The first season was produced by the UK. The next 4 seasons were US produced but renumbered as 1-4. So this while this is S3 (US) it is the 4th overall. Yes we are behind, by 1 season.

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