Returning: The Chaser’s Media Circus


The Chaser’s Media Circus is returning for its second season next month.

Season Two will begin at 8pm Thursday September 10th, with appearances this season from Peter Greste and John Safran.

But in their trademark style, a cheeky press release indicates ABC management says it hopes to replace the series with cat videos.

“As soon as we can find enough left wing cats who instinctively hate Australia, they’ll be replaced,” said an ABC representative.

Here is the rest of the ABC release:

Media Circus – the game show about the news game hosted by Craig Reucassel with Fake Fact Checker Chas Licciardello – returns to ABC on Thursday 10 September at 8pm. It is produced by the creative team behind The Chaser and The Checkout, including Ben Jenkins, Zoë Norton Lodge, Scott Abbot, Andrew Hansen and Julian Morrow.

ABC management confirmed that for the second series the show has been moved out of the news division to allow it to be more biased and have less rigorous vetting of the studio audience.

Filmed in front of a live audience each week shortly before broadcast, The Chaser’s Media Circus brings together journalists and comedians to dissect the week’s news through a time-honoured technique of media criticism: the trivia quiz.

Last year’s guests included George Negus, Senator Nick Xenophon, Lenore Taylor, Chris Kenny, Ellen Fanning, Tracey Spicer, Hugh Riminton, Peter Berner, Dave Hughes and Tom Gleeson, a number of whom have not yet refused to return for Series Two. The new series will also feature Media Circus first timers including Peter Greste and John Safran.

Prime Minister Abbott has confirmed he will allow government front benchers to appear on the show. But the producers are lobbying him to have this decision reversed.

The Chaser’s Media Circus is produced by Giant Dwarf wasting taxpayers’ money.

The Chaser’s Media Circus is a Giant Dwarf production for ABC TV. The Executive Producers are Julian Morrow and Martin Robertson. ABC Executive Producer Sophia Zachariou.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    I know that they’re not to everyone’s taste but I’m mostly a fan. This is alright Thursday entertainment but I prefer their panel+skit type shows. I know that they’re more work to write and produce but hopefully they’ll return to that format in the lead-up to the next federal election. However, more Zoë Norton Lodge is not a bad thing.

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