Seven mulling return of Today Tonight on east coast


Seven is reportedly considering a return for Today Tonight on the east coast.

News Corp reports former TT executive producer Craig McPherson is thinking of resuming the show when he starts at Seven as Director of News and Public Affairs in October.

He is currently on ‘gardening leave’ from Nine after being coaxed back to Seven.

The resumption of TT against A Current Affair would also mean moving Home and Away after more than two decades in the 7pm slot.

The soap’s numbers have slipped of late and the report suggests it could move to 7TWO -but Seven stressed the show remained “important” and it appears no decisions have yet been firmed.

Today Tonight continues to air in Adelaide and Perth where it wins its local timeslot. It was most recently presented by Helen Kapalos in Melbourne and Sydney, prior to its conclusion.


  1. Although not a fan, moving it completely from 7pm could be suicide for a show like Home & Away. There are numerous options that are available including 6pm News 6:30 TT 7pm H&A, OR 5:30pm H&A 6pm News 7pm TT, OR three options not listed include 5:30pm TT 6pm News 7pm H&A with a 7pm TT encore on 7two OR 6pm News 7pm H&A 7:30pm TT (up against 7:30 on ABC) OR 5:30pm H&A 6pm News 7pm TT with a 7pm H&A encore on 7two.. Really need to look at one or other for 5:30pm on main channel with maybe The Chase at 4:30pm, revise it to half hour (like nine did with millionaire) or another quiz at 5pm

  2. They should leave H&A where it is and revamp it. I have now and then considered getting back into it, but having not watched it in so long, I don’t know who most people are, and a lot of the younger cast all look the same. They need to bring back opening titles, its not just a way to start a show, but it tells you who the characters are, and if they group them (like in Neighbours), you’ll know who their significant partner or friends are, and over the cause of a few nights you’ll get to know all their names.
    I noticed when channel flicking the other month they have started to film at the original Summer Bay House at Jackaroo Ranch, since it got burnt down\rebuilt 10 or so years ago. They need to bring back the heart of the show which was about families, not gang crimes medical dramas.

  3. Bit confused by those here suggesting H&A against reality on 7, both at 7pm – soapie fans are rather loyal. It would mean the first half hour would be down up to 400,000 viewers, affecting the show average. Plus some H&A fans would then not bother switching into a reality show they are missing the first half-hour each night.

    Would we also see MKR, House Rules etc stretch to two hours a night to keep the 9pm starts for drama? No thanks!

  4. That’d be interesting. Today tonight coming back and on the same time as aca again, and then 7 doing the same with home & away as as 10 did with neighbours by putting it to its secondary station.

  5. Leave Home & Away where it is just get new script writers -Chop the News back to 30 Minutes put Home And Away back to 7 pm (Mon – Fri) and Move Better Homes & Gardens over to 7two or Mate that’s what I would do

  6. This website must be hot right now. Over 150 comments on two stories “internet cats as the top entertainment show” and now “Today tonight to return” possibly moving Home and Away…
    People sure are passionate about TV programming decisions….

  7. Bring back Great Temptation at 7pm. Look what Family Fued has done. Put Home and Away at 6.30pm on 7TWO. That way you have young viewers watching H&A and oldies watching The News.

  8. Just go back to how it was. Admit you were wrong and move on. Don’t move Home and Away to 7TWO. The viewers deserve better. It still rates well on Seven plus lately the stories have been pretty ordinary. Reinvigour the show. News at 6, TT at 6:30 and H&A at 7. I guess the other talk could be they are moving H&A to 7TWO because of a different reason, starting their reality shows at 7 instead of 7:30pm. Plus regional viewers can get the proper 7 News bulletin back at 6:30pm!

  9. Moving it to 7two would make sense as it could continue at 7pm. Unless Seven News goes to back to 30 minutes.
    Maybe they should move to air it maybe 3 times a week at 7:30 on 7? But would push other shows back 30 minutes.

  10. Dumbest idea ever if Seven move Home And Away from the main channel to 7TWO or to a different time slot on 7.
    Home And Away has been on at 7pm since 1992.
    7 should just go back to the way things were
    6pm Seven News, 6:30pm TT, 7pm H&A.
    I am a huge fan of the show but it does need a very big overhaul, kick Alf and Roo out of the caravan park house and get a new family in there and stop having police storylines front and centre continuously.

  11. I’ve said for some time Home and Away needs an overhaul, there is not one family base in it anymore, but seeing how they film at least 6 months in advance it will take that long to react to sagging ratings….
    So it means from 2pm through to 7:30pm 3/12 hours will be some type of news or current affairs programming, and who knows what they will put on at 3pm, one assumes they will pull the UK version of The Chase…..

  12. Half hour news, TT at 6.30, H&A 7-7.30 Mon – Fri. Half hour news will be Seven’s point of difference and it seems to do ok in SA WA with 6.30 TT. As for Friday nights – H&A at 7 like it used to be AFL from 7.30 with the pre-game show on 7mate from 7.

    Also know of people who stopped watching H&A with the double episodes.

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