Seven News revamps 4pm bulletins


Seven News is adding new locally-produced afternoon news bulletins in a bid to shore up its 6pm news audiences.

From tomorrow, Jacqueline Felgate  (pictured) will present a one hour bulletin at 4pm in Melbourne.

Kendall Gilding will present a 90 minute bulletin at 4pm in Brisbane.

Seven is yet to confirm a start date for The Chase, tipped for a 5pm timeslot, or the fate for Million Dollar Minute.

Source: News Corp


  1. As others have mentioned, it seems like a knee jerk reaction to compete with whatever 9 are doing. Great for everyone involved in producing this, but as if we needed any more news especially here in Queensland. I’m glad TEN are still offering the alternative like somebody needs to, I hope they’re rewarded for it by viewers voting with their remotes.

  2. Don’t know why they have afternoon News.They must be spending a lot of money to put these to air to begin with for little reward Then you hear Networks at times complaining they need to cut back.Having afternoon News is a waste of everybody’s time.Just great for local jobs that is all it is.And having one hour News now at 6.00PM that is also to long.Dragging out stories,and even ones that don’t need a mention in the first place.ABC news is enough for me get everything i need in half the time.

  3. Both Seven and Nine they may as well be ABC24. Most of their daytime shows are news based. Where has variety Gone? No wonder people turn to other forms of entertainment. Viewers want more choice of programs.

  4. I think it’s a great move by 7 but I don’t understand why they can’t do local afternoon news for the Sydney and Adelaide markets as well… But this is a #firston7 for the Melbourne area but a #2ndon7 in Brisbane

  5. So Brisbane is ditching DOND?
    Just for comparison 7’s bulletin in WA is 1/2 an hour (at 4:30 I think), with the first half hour the national bulletin.
    I gotta say I think there’s too much news on these days. In an era when we have a 24 hour news channel there’s an inordinate amount of time spent on news on the main channels. Everyone but TEN (and SBS) is guilty of it, and they only don’t because they presumably don’t have the resources.

    • The 90min move in BNE by 7 is to be head-to-head with Nine who also run a 90 min local bulletin. With other announcements by 7 recently (inc. regional operation quietly announcing a resurrection of a Toowoomba bulletin after 20yrs absence) nothing surprises me any more.

  6. Seven have started advertising The Chase as starting in September. Saw it on an ad today.
    Expect a presentation relaunch for 7News in the coming weeks also.

  7. David, any idea what happens in the regional markets? I’m in Hobart, we already get Ten News Melbourne at 5pm? Do we keep a national bulletin or Melb or is it a flick it on tomorrow to check?

    • In Tas we are getting the Sally Bowrey presented bulletin from Sydney. Is there anything stopping Southern Cross (our 7 affiliate) can show alternative programming?

  8. Find this an odd move – as someone who works from home, I enjoy watching 7’s national news at 4pm to see what’s happening around Australia – I have access to local news at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm so I don’t need another one leading up to these. They’re also going from Mel Doyle (originally paired with Matt White, another big name) to unknowns. Sorry to say but another bad move by 7 news. It’s as though someone is literally trying to bring down their news department…..

  9. considering how low the ratings are at 4:00 across the board, will anyone notice that hasn’t read this article? spend the money improving the 6:00 content.

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