Seven to Live stream all channels from December 1


Australian TV is joining the technology race.

Hot on the heels of the Coalition confirming it will allow primary channels to broadcast in High Definition, Seven has announced all three of its channels will Live stream 24 / 7 from December 1.

Today it has launched with Live streaming of Sunrise and The Morning Show, between 6am – 11am. It is available on any desktop, mobile and tablet via the existing PLUS7 app.

Clive Dickens, Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer, said: “Our audience demands a live streaming service! They love Seven and they love their smartphones. We can now bring their favourite shows live, free and on the go, seamlessly streamed on mobile and online, as we cement our position as Australia’s leading ‘mobile first’ content company.

“All Seven Network owned channels will stream from December via PLUS!7 and we have advanced plans to live stream also within the 7Sport App and the 7News App in line with our content everywhere strategy. We will be adding other mobile first products and platforms to extend our reach especially live, free and out of home”

Tim Worner, Managing Director and CEO of Seven West Media, said: “We are redefining the way Australians watch live TV. We are a content company. Our future is television. Our growth is mobile. A big part of our future is video. Today provides clear evidence that we will be a driving force in the development, creation and delivery of content in a rapidly changing communications landscape.”
Kurt Burnette, Seven West Media Chief Revenue Officer, said: “Powerful storytelling is at the core of our television business. The benefits for our audiences and opportunities for our advertisers are enormous. Our move into the live-streaming underscores our leadership and will drive greater engagement across all of our platforms and extending reach out of home, on any screen.”

Seven’s move into live streaming follows the success of its coverage of the Australian Open, with Olympic Games coverage to follow next year.

Yesterday Telstra signed with the AFL for Digital rights until 2022. When asked about AFL streaming, a Seven spokesperson advised, “All will be revealed as we move to 1 December.”


  1. From what I’ve seen with the Sunrise streams, it appears as though Seven will be streaming using state or even city-based geo-blocks. You might still need a VPN or DNS tunneller (set to your preferred city rather than a particular country) to get around those blocks.

    • Fair point accept that TV’s aren’t as portable as pc’s, tablet’s, phones so this option offers flexibility to watch content in parts of the house that don’t have a tv. It could also be an option for those that don’t have an aerial. Granted in those cases you would still need to have a good connection and a decent data allowance to use it.

  2. cameronfisher99

    Why does channel 7 have to make a new website/app for everything they do? Plus7, 7news, 7sport… what’s wrong with just having everything on one site?

  3. Finally viewers outside the Vic/NSW timezone will be able to see shows as they are broadcast, rather than on delay. And viewers like me outside Australia can also do this with a VPN.

    Will be interesting to see how they handle AFL though. Telstra took Optus to court for offering myPVR to its customers, as Telstra have the exclusive online rights for AFL, and also how they show advertising given that each region currently has different advertisements.

    • Have no idea how it will work next year under the current rights agreement. With the new rights have read/heard somewhere that 7, foxtel and Telstra have a streaming component. Now the detail on the streaming options have been really vague so not sure how accurate or ins and out of it is but well have to wait and see the detail.

  4. Does that mean that Melburnians will be able to watch GWS vs Sydney free on Channle 7 online (shown in NSW on 7-Mate) when it is only shown on pay-TV in Victoria?

  5. I was reading this article on my windows phone and thought I would check out on my phone. Went to the site, clicked the live stream button expecting to see playback doesn’t work on this device standard line but instead it sent me to the plus 7 app on the google play store. Now android apps don’t work on windows phones obviously so that’s a pretty silly thing to do and will confuse other windows phone users. Whilst its a good idea its usefulness is limiting without a windows phone plus 7 app. I wonder if there will be blackout periods due to online rights issue and will the internet in this country be able to support it?

  6. I thought there was some bizarre regulation against this (like with the HD regulation ), but it’s good to see 7 doing this. Hopefully the others follow.

  7. Laurie Patton

    FYI, TVS (Television Sydney) has been live streaming continuously since 2009. It’s the way of the future. Great to see Seven doing this…

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