Strong debut for TEN’s Spelling Bee


Monday delivered more good news for TEN with The Great Australian Spelling Bee off to a great start.

The show debuted with 921,000 viewers, just narrowly behind Nine’s Hot Plate which lifted to 944,000 -its best numbers so far. That spelled trouble for Seven’s Restaurant Revolution. At 522,000 across its two episodes it began as a distant fourth in its timeslot.

Today scored its second-highest episode all year, pipping Sunrise by a mere 1,000 viewers -but Lip Sync Battle dived in primetime.

In the end Nine won the night -just- while TEN & ABC primary channels pushed Seven’s into a humiliating fourth.

Nine network won with a 25.0% share then Seven 24.5%, TEN 21.9%, ABC 21.8% and SBS 6.8%.

Nine News (1.24m / 1.22m) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (1.06m), The Hot Plate (944,000), Hot Seat (624,000) but Lip Sync Battle plunged without its Voice lead-in (431,000). Footy Classified was 197,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.06m / 1.04m) led for Seven then Home and Away (793,000), Restaurant Revolution (522,000), Million Dollar Minute (513,000) and The Blacklist (356,000 / 273,000).

In addition to Spelling Bee for TEN, The Project was 744,000 / 512,000, Have You Been Paying Attention? was 661,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 630,000 and NCIS: New Orleans was 192,000.

ABC News (879,000) topped ABC’s evening then Media Watch (779,000), Australian Story (776,000), 7:30 (753,000), Four Corners (698,000) and Q & A (676,000).

On SBS it was Fat vs Sugar (376,000), The Island with Bear Grylls (254,000 / 230,000) and SBS World News (156,000).

7TWO’s A Touch of Frost topped multichannels at 277,000.

Today: 351,000
Sunrise: 350,000
ABC News Breakfast: 92,000 / 47,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 3 August 2015


  1. What a load of rubbish spelling bee and family feud grant denyer is rude time both shows got axed
    bachelor is garbage hate the voice overs on ten going on about is there love and what will she do next
    What a stupid question when pete asked billie the winner of masterchef did you spend the money

  2. David – Although I haven’t watched Full Time Ads (oops I mean Free To Air television) for over 2 months now I still love reading your TV Tonight Blog. It’s always a great read for me to start my day everyday. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the Blog.

  3. Ten have really gone out on a limb this year producing so many new shows and to date it has really paid off. Family Feud, I’m A Celeb, Shark Tank, Gogglebox and now Spelling Bee have all done well. I for one was sure Family Feud and Spelling Bee would be huge flogs – I am pleased to be wrong. All the new content, mixed with Masterchef and The Bachelor going from strength to strength and 9 and 7 busily destroying each other has really reinvigorated Ten. Now if Ten can just bring back some local dramas to fill the 8:30pm blackholes. Offspring anyone?

  4. I honestly didn’t think much of the Spelling show. I expect that subsequent episodes will have more variety than last night, but for a premiere episode it needed more to convince me to come back.

    The Blacklist has fallen, but it certainly doesn’t warrant a 9.30pm burnoff. Its ratings at 8.30pm were on par with Criminal Minds and Winners and Losers.

  5. TEN wins again by default. If TEN put the test pattern up against Seven and Nine’s tweedle dum and tweedle dee cooking shows they would probably win as well.

  6. standingondirt

    so tv entertainment is now watching kids spell words . fta is hopeless it’s all cooking or dancing or singing or miming songs or building or the best watching people watching tv. what happened to actual tv shows

  7. Spelling Bee better than I expected.
    Before watching , thought it more suited to a Primary School Friday arvo assembly.
    But actually was quite inspiring – some wonderful attitudes and sportsmanship from some of the kids.
    Some really sweet kids, as well as a few memorable characters…. Tej with the turban deserves his own show.
    Of course more than a few teetering on smugly precocious as well….

  8. harrypotter1994

    Spelling Bee was ok nothing great. Sure was drawn out. My fave part was the way the kids interacted was nice to see everyone supporting each other.

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    Good start for Spelling Bee, and even better in the demos, but I think numbers will be quite a bit lower next Monday.

    Seems like Hot Plate benefited from all the free publicity courtesy of Seven. I expect that Steggles will end up taking Seven to the Federal Court because Restaurant Revolution looks like one of their turkeys.

  10. Spelling Bee needs some severe editing. It became very tedious after a while, after all, kids don’t have much of a back story yet. I suspect the ratings will go down, it went on way too long and really wasn’t all that interesting. Maybe as the words get harder it’ll be more interesting.

    Pity, because I was really looking forward to it.

  11. So basically 9 news 1.23, 7 news 1.05! Can they stop splitting news as they should now be confident with their 60 minute news agenda! I watch 5-10 minutes and then flick off and may catch the weather as a news update!

    • Nine may think they are on to a ratings winner with their 6 o’clock news but when I see a senior person who has watched nine news at 6pm for many years recently start watching family feud then I think nine may not have that stranglehold on news at 6pm that they once did.

      • Hey, you been peeping through my window? Circa 1944, ex-TCN9, ex-TEN10, ex-WIN4 (when it was 4). Seriously so embarrassed by current commercial news that can no longer watch it. The absurdity of live crosses just to show we can do it even though it adds nothing and detracts from the continuity of the story, lengthy pieces on advertisers and cross-promos, the latest irrelevant car prang in downtown (insert unknown USA town) just because it’s on YouTube and we do need to fill those extra minutes these days, and the overall dumbing down. But for really bad news try Sthn Cross TEN. Two items of one-sentence each from last week’s Illawarra Mercury, with a ‘weather report’ such as “thunny skyth in Thellharbour tomowwow”.

        • Not to mention regular so-called news stories about petrol prices, avoiding paying parking fines, the most economical car, traffic jams, how crowded public transport is, etc…

          Bring back quick and concise half hour news without all the lengthy non-news stories. (or just watch ABC news at 7).

  12. Wow. I would not have picked that result for Spelling Bee in a million years. I expected Restaurant Revolution to pick up more than it did, still very terminal. Kill it now.

  13. Last nights q&a was supposed to be about science and promoted as science focused. None of the panellists on the show had a background in human behaviour therefore I don’t think that a discussion about adam goodes belonged on this episode. Footy classified didn’t do a good job with their Gillon interview. They spent approx 13 minutes talking about adam goodes and approx 2 minutes on the “state of the game”. There are many afl fans that want to here the CEO actually talk about footy and it barely got a mention. This was a waisted opportunity.

    • I agree regarding Q&A, I was looking forward to hearing about various scientific endeavours and challenges, so I couldn’t believe the first question about Adam Goodes. There has been more than enough coverage of this topic by more appropriate forums. I love Adam Goodes, but we missed a chance to hear from some of the world’s great minds on what our future holds.

    • Mr game show fan

      Surprisely I did as well. Love HYBYA but not the Bachelor.
      When Osher said “There is nothing more romantic than what?” I was just thinking like everyone in the studio audience. It had to be the answer. I was disappointed when the answer was the sliver screen.

  14. Only way children who exit can avoid personal damage on reality TV shows like Spelling bee is if they are $$ compensated at the same or greater rate compared to the final winner.

  15. TasTVcameraman

    Good to see different programming, rate as i think that there are too many reality shows and people are getting sick of the same thing, whilst I watched Spelling I also caught Humans on ABC 2, another great show from the makers of Spooks.

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