Talk of Offspring return steps up


Chatter is resuming on Offspring‘s chances of going back before the cameras.

The TEN drama ended its run in 2014 but TEN has never ruled out its return, optimistically hoping the universe would align.

News Corp reports the merger of Endemol and Shine, plus Asher Keddie’s break as a new mum, is working in the show’s favour.

“We’re in the process of talking about how we would keep going,” TEN Programming Chief Beverley McGarvey said.

“It is certainly our intention to make that series last as long as possible and as long as people want to keep watching it.”

TEN drama series have thinned out considerably of late, with Wonderland, Party Tricks and Puberty Blues all without further seasons (at least so far). While Neighbours remains a constant, new projects Mary: The Making of a Princess and Brock are both short run.

Offspring did have a well-received finale, so hitting the pedal on new storylines is always a risk. But there will be no shortage of happy fans today, especially if they can manage to pull it off.


  1. I really loved Offspring but l find this news rather depressing. It’s an indication of the lack of depth in creativity and new ideas coming out of Channel 10.

  2. I reckon a modern day Number 96 would work at a 9.00p time slot. A 30 minute show, 4 nights a week.
    They need to have some permanent characters and some short term tenants to keep it interesting. The show could be repeated in the mornings. No nude or crudeness just good quality drama.

  3. I loved Offspring but I think it was time to let it go while it was on a high and was able to do a proper send off. Otherwise it will end up like The Secret Life Of Us which dragged on for about 3 series too long, had too many cast changes as all the regulars had moved on, and had a fairly inglorious conclusion where it was left to die in a midnight timeslot where nobody cared.

  4. Fingers crossed Offspring returns. Ten is in desperate need of some quality 8:30pm content. Offspring would be ratings gold on the back of Masterchef. Ten produce the best Australian dramas and with an impressive increase in their ratings figures this year, need to invest again in their strength.

  5. Massive fan of Offspring and enjoyed it so much. Not sure whether I would want it to come back though – at least not in it’s previous form. Rather than a revival maybe a spin-off would be more appropriate? Maybe a show which is more focused on Nina, Leo & Zoe, which would lend itself for many guest appearances from the rest of the offspring cast without need to have them all in each and every episode. With the way the final episode wrapped up, there probably aren’t a whole lot of storylines left for the rest of the cast other than Nina?

  6. How was it boring??? It was and is one of Australia’s best drama series… it should come back. Wonderland was a cheap pile of rubbish and Puberty Blues was a mini-series! I do think a puberty blues season 3 would be good though!

  7. I’d rather see more Wonderland and Puberty Blues as they have had a shorter run. Offspring was getting boring. Why not bring back Rush, Secret Life Of Us or E Street!

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