TBL: Families: meet the teams


TEN has confirmed the 4 teams who will compete in its upcoming season of TBL: Families.

Trainers Steve “Commando” Willis, Shannan Ponton, Michelle Bridges and Tiffiny Hall will spend a week living with the families, eating what their contestants eat, drink what they drink and live how they live.

Steve “Commando” Willis’ black team is the Auvale family from Victoria. A proud Samoan family whose weight is killing them, the team is made up of Johnee, 38, his wife Tenealle, 26, Johnee’s brother Moses, 39, and Moses’ wife Rina, 37. With the rest of the family in denial about their health, only Moses understands how dire their situation is and he is desperate to save the lives of his loved ones. Passionate and animated, the Auvales are planning to tap their competitive spirit to shed their excess weight.


Shannan Ponton’s blue team is the Pestell family, a tight-knit trio of sisters and their father from New South Wales. Shannan will be training Terry, 51, and his daughters Mel, 31, Ali, 30, and Jodie, 30. The Pestell sisters are more like triplets and with a close family comes big clashes. No one gets between them except themselves. This family has relied on each other for too long, growing up with the same unhealthy lifestyle and copying each other’s bad habits and attitudes. It is time to break the cycle.


Tiffiny Hall’s white team is the Hailwood family from Western Australia. Three loud and loveable sisters, Sylvia, 28, Kayla, 24, and Sam, 26, are joined by Sam’s partner Cliff, 26. The girls absolutely adore each other while also fearing the idea of becoming each other. While they appear happy and jovial on the outside, the sisters and Cliff have hit rock bottom emotionally. This family is ready to use their determination to get in shape.


Michelle Bridges’ red team is made up of the Jofre boys from Victoria. Pablo, 29, Tony, 27, and Daniel, 24, are three sweet and extremely close brothers who all still live at home with their mum. They and their uncle Rob, 42, come from a big Argentinian family where food is the glue that keeps everyone together. Uncle Rob is like an older brother to the boys but it is time he focuses on getting healthy for his young daughter and pregnant fiancée.

The series is coming to TEN soon.

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