ACCC delays decision on TEN / Foxtel deal


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has delayed a decision on Foxtel’s investment into Network TEN until next week, to “allow additional time to consider the proposed acquisitions”.

It was due to make an announcement tomorrow.

There’s no indication which way the regulator may fall on the deal. According to The Australian, the ACCC said Monday’s decision “may be a final decision or release of a statement of issues”.

The ACCC would have looked at fair competition, including sports rights acquisitions and advertising, as well as the ramifications of the $77m deal will have on audiences.

Foxtel’s investment into TEN comes at a time when regional broadcasters are pushing for media reform, which observers see an indicator of further media mergers.


  1. The main issue is sport rights. Foxtel/Ten could out bid Nine and Seven for the NRL, AFL or both. Ten would then pick unpopular games each week leaving all the top games to screen on Fox Sports and jack up the Fox Sports package cost as high as possible.

    They would also likely make a datacasting channel or One Sky News. Ten would likely drop its CBS deal and fill slots with 21C shows (paying a high price to avoid paying any tax in Australia). These are not big problems.

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