Adelaide wins Restaurant Revolution


It wasn’t until 11:15pm that the winner was announced, but Adelaide’s 28 St restaurant last night won Seven’s Restaurant Revolution.

With $200,000 awarded, it was one of TV’s latest-ever prize giveaways -nearly as late as the $100,000 given away by Jamie Durie’s Top Design at 11;30pm in 2011.

It was so late Seven didn’t even send out a Press Release -normally standard fare for a Reality TV grand final.

The Donehue family of four won the contest over Sydney’s Somewhere Nice, managed solo by Dom. Brisbane took 3rd, Melbourne was 4th and Perth 5th.

The finale concludes the biggest and most expensive TV flop of the year, cut down from its original plan of multi-nights across the week to a single night at 9:30pm.

While the restaurants still reported doing a brisk trade regardless, it is of small consolation to Seven and their advertisers. With the prize now sorted, Seven can get on with the business of its new shows from Sunday including X Factor, 800 Words and the Peter Allen miniseries.


  1. I grew to like the basic format of this show but it was executed very poorly. The judges were 4 of the snobbiest, shallowest and uninteresting people I have ever seen on TV. The host did not have an shred of personality and him being the “secret critic” was plain stupid. Announcing the results by Skype might be the only way to do so in 5 places at once, but it completely lacked drama. The announcement of the winner in this way was such an biggest anti-climax – where was the excitement? I also thought there wasn’t that much of a competition to it from a viewers perspective. Apart from the chef’s specials, there was nothing out of the ordinary from just watching a behind the scenes show about 5 restaurants. If 7 had thought about it a bit more, it might have worked out better.

  2. bettestreep2008

    I was channel surfing and caught the end of this show. It was terrible. There was no drama, no tension, no nothing.

    And even the winners didn’t appear to be too happy.

    If this is what the rest of the series was like – I can totally understand why it flopped so badly.

    Seven will redeem themselves with Boy Next Door and the AFL finals though.

  3. A textbook lesson in how not to overstrip a series. Add to that an overly opinionated female judge, announcements filmed in a doomsday bunker (appropriate in retrospect) and cringeworthy bad reviews played live in front of paying customers half way through meals. And I almost forgot, the casting. Ok I get the family teams in Adelade and Brisbane, and the girls, but the short fuse guy in Melbourne and the single guy in Sydney just dint work for me? It was a great concept, I wish it could of held onto me to the finals.

  4. I dunno, I reckon 7 killed this one a bit early, I would’ve given it another week, look what happened with House Rules. I’ll be interested to see how the episode rated. I saw no advertising for it at all, let alone it was the finale.

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