Airdate: Snake Boss


Next month Animal Planet premieres a new locally-produced series, Snake Boss.

The series sees snake wrangler Julia Baker in Brisbane, which has more dangerous snakes than any other capital city, removing dangerous reptiles from backyards, bedrooms and bathrooms …yikes.

It begins with a double episode Monday 5 October at 9:30pm.

Former pastry chef Julia Baker, aka Snake Boss, is a fearless snake charmer whose face-to-face encounters with Queensland’s most dangerous reptiles are a regular day in the office. From uncovering deadly eastern brown snakes inside children’s bedrooms to removing them off rooftops, this brand new series will follow Julia as she visits the homes of Brisbane residents to remove these unwanted slithering visitors.

Brisbane is one of the most competitive places in the world for snake catchers and Julia Baker is one of just a handful of women in Australia relocating snakes for a living. Her foray into the snake catching industry started with a bucket list, and among the many bold goals she successfully ticked off, her greatest passion that remained was her love for snakes – in particular, the venomous species. And so this thrill seeker turned her passion into her profession, even recruiting her Scottish partner, Johnny Gallacher as her apprentice.

Julia has made it her mission to help people understand snakes and not fear them. Follow her and her snake catching team, Johnny and their Jack Russell terrier, Bonnie on every slithery twist and turn as they rescue Brisbane’s ophidiophobic residents (and face some of their own phobias) in Snake Boss.

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