Airdate: The Player. Returning: Amazing Race, Blacklist, Murder. Update: X Factor

X Factor is moving nights, plus Sunday Night returns this weekend.


Seven has revealed some major programming moves for next week.

The X Factor is settling into a new home of Monday (Live performance) and Tuesday (Results) from next week.

Sunday Night is returning to 7pm from this Sunday. Seven is yet to confirm additional Sunday titles.

How to Get Away with Murder is back at 10:45pm next Monday, October 5th.

New US series The Player, featuring Wesley Snipes, Philip Winchester and Australia’s Daisy Betts begins 9:30pm Wednesday, October 7, to follow Heroes Reborn.

On Thursday, October 8, The Blacklist airs at 9:30pm, now on a new night, followed by The Amazing Race at 10:30pm.

Seven is yet to confirm airdates for Blindspot and Quantico, but there could well be further news today.

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  1. The Blacklist has gone from prime Monday night drama to filler late on Thursday night in one season.

    Seven will stagger their releases. They will want to start Blindspot and Quantico at 8:30pm to give them a chance. Putting 10 shows on in one week would be crazy.

    Grey’s could take it old late Tuesday night slot, they have shown double eps to catch up before. Castle would seem the logical choice for Sunday night, could put something on before it Quantico?

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong as I don’t watch the blacklist but I recall blacklist doing quite well when 7 were fast tracking it during season 1. Then they played around with it, stopped fast tracking and the ratings declined. Blacklist is an example of a show that was stuffed around with and then the ratings declined.

    2. Why we 10 premiers in 1 week be crazy? They have 3 channels and it would make a change from the filler crap we are getting.

      I find your comments being overly supportive of everything free to air does infuriating.

    1. Do we know if this is a permanent move for the rest of the season or is it just for next week? I assumed it was just for next week because the NRL grand final is on next Sunday night which is one of the highest rating events of the year so Channel 7 were trying to stop X Factor from being crushed in the ratings.

  2. The dangers of launching new shows a couple of weeks behind the US – the Player tanked hard in its premiere and will probably be DOA (if it isn’t already) by the time 7 gets around to launching it.

    From a far you do have to question NBC’s wisdom of launching (probably) a 30+ male skewing action show against Thursday night NFL.

    1. Heroes did well enough against the football, they’re going for an action oriented lineup over there with the Blacklist set to be the leadin from next week (for the player)

      I didn’t like the pilot I found it to be a real bore, nothing we haven’t seen before

  3. So I noticed 7mate playing back to back of Once Upon a Time starting 10th Oct. Does that mean that they will finally play season 4? Too bad I already bought the dvd from Amazon – and season 5 started today in the US as well.

  4. IMO the player is quite an average show so not surprised by the 9:30 timeslot

    Heroes Reborn is good but probably won’t do well on Seven due to audiences hating sci fi here or watching it by other means.

    Blind spot and quantico look like potential hits but then again HTGAWM also rated well here and then slumped

  5. 7 has also failed to confirm greys anatomy which they have said will be fast tracked and the first episode of the new season has already aired in the USA last week. Don’t know what they are waiting for?

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