Aussie expat to co-produce Oscars


Renowned ex-pat Aussie producer David Hill will co-produce the 88th Academy Awards broadcast with producer-director Reginald Hudlin.

Hill, who famously revolutionised cricket broadcasting for Kerry Packer, has most recently left 21st Century Fox to start his own production company called Hilly.

He was the EP on the last two seasons of American Idol but has many years working for Rupert Murdoch at Sky Television, FOX Networks and FOX Sports. He also won an Emmy for Outstanding Live Sports Special as an executive producer of the 2011 World Series (baseball) broadcast.

“What a great and exciting honour! The quest is to honour the year in film, honour the art, and above all, make it fun,” said Hill.

“We’re excited to work with David and Reggie,” said Academy CEO Dawn Hudson. “With their enthusiasm and breadth of experience, they will bring a fresh perspective to the Oscar show.”

The 88th Oscars presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries including Live in Australia on the Monday February 29.


  1. I remember Hilly at the ABC. Always aggressive journalist and leader of the pack. The one who got the Frank Sinatra interview ! Introduced televising cricket from both ends, however it was an ABC idea that couldn’t be implemented because of cost. It needed channel 9 money to do that. Glad to see him become a U.S. TV legend. OZ was never big enough for Hilly.

  2. Not sure if it’s a myth, but I think he also invented the shot clock for the NBA which is now a part of basketball internationally.

    And did he introduce something with the NFL to help Rupert monetize when Fox famously acquired the rights?

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