Bachelorette tops on Thursday

Ratings: With these numbers, Bachelorette may prove to be bigger than The Bachelor. Seven wins Thursday.


The Bachelorette may well prove to be a bigger hit for TEN than The Bachelor.

In only its second night it drew 973,000 viewers, the kind of numbers its predecessor was enjoying in the final stages.

Last night TEN benefitted by being the sole Reality show on air at 7:30pm, but as many viewers are discovering, there is something oddly-fascinating about watching Aussie men up close in this competition. But the show already lost one of its more interesting characters in ‘international model’ David.

Meanwhile Seven News won nationally, but not in the two biggest markets, although The Chase did beat Hot Seat in both. X Factor chose its Top 12 to the tune of 876,000 viewers.

Seven network won Thursday with 28.0% share, Nine 26.4%, TEN 23.6%, ABC 16.0% and SBS 6.1%.

Seven News (970,000 / 950,000) led for Seven then The X Factor (876,000), Home and Away (737,000), The Chase (576,000 / 391,000) and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (471,000 / 391,000).

Nine News (944,000 / 880,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (816,000), RBT (678,000), The Footy Show (640,000), King’s Cross ER (550,000) and Hot Seat (501,000). A Celebrity Apprentice replay was 218,000.

The Bachelorette (973,000) led for TEN. The Project was 674,000 / 476,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 501,000, Law and Order: SVU was 365,000 / 310,000.

ABC News (857,000), 7:30 (673,000), The Chaser’s Media Circus (630,000), Antiques Roadshow (309,000), The Honourable Woman (300,000) and Catastrophe (151,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Luke Nguyen’s France (250,000), Ainsley Harriott’s Street Food (222,000) and SBS World News. Masters of Sex was 101,000.

7TWO’s Doc Martin (258,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 24 September 2015.

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  1. Was the bachelor/bachelorette always this successful for ten? Seriously, they seem to have struck gold with this format. Surprised nine would pitch Celebrity apprentice up against the bachelorette on wednesday nights, would’ve thought that they’d air it in a timeslot that would receive more attention.

    1. Strongly suspect Rosie Waterland has a lot to do with it. She’s the only reason I’m watching – I heard her review of the The Bachelor on 702 and just had to tune in, and now watch and read her updates. The only people I know who watch these shows say the same. Hope Channel 10 is sending her gifts!

      1. Would love to know what the technical issues are. Anybody know? Next would be great. Ian sure Malcolm will make it happen… Correcting a ridiculous rule introduced by previous federal governments!!!!

  2. did not watch the show but heard something interesting went down. David may have been rude however he does have a point. Just look at the show. Its all about pretty people on a TV show. Also you can’t say that every women on the Bachelor was looking to ‘find’ love. They probably were hoping to get a career in TV presenting or something else where they get to use their looks. Women are just as shallow and vain as men. That’s what this show unfortunately shows. The reason why ratings are big is for 2 reasons. 1 its because it has visually appealing people on it and 2 because people like to see conflict. These shows thrive on conflict.

    1. Sure. This has been asked before but happy to state again. FF is simulcast on 3 channels, not 1, and the numbers are not supplied to me separately. This differs to other simulcast shows such as ABC News Breakfast (and previously Q&A) which are supplied as 2 numbers. So where I am analysing a show’s performance all things should really be equal. One might suggest they are doing this to elevate the show’s performance and attract better media attention. It also means there is less choice for viewers on multichannels. The show has done quite well I don’t know why there is any need to keep simulcasting and propping up the numbers after all this time. Let’s hope others don’t follow suit.

      1. Thanks David. They do themselves a disservice then because the show doesn’t get a mention here. Frankly simulcasts should be banned – Once the main channels become the HD ones there is no benefit to the public at all. Plus this particular show would probably stand up on its own anyway.

        While we’re talking about ratings, ratings for The Chase confuse me. Some 600,000 people start watching and after 30 minutes 200,000 have had enough and switch it off/over without seeing the end. I switched it off after 10 minutes, but I don’t keep going back every day and doing the same! Still think this show will bomb – Bring back Simon Reeve and MDM – Give him a studio audience and spend a bit of money on the set/technology…

        1. No it’s the other way around. 5:30 for Chase is higher, presumably with more people arriving home. Numbers are The Chase / The Chase 5pm. Usually The Chase will make the Top 20, but not always the other. It’s a shame ratings don’t match an EPG!

      2. Later in the evening 7 and 9 also simulcast a lot of shows over three channels especially movies. They’re not popular enough to make the top 20 but its annoying when you’re channel surfing to keep seeing the same program.

  3. Last night I watched bachelorette cause Seven decided to air X Factor at the dumb time of 8pm

    It was very entertaining. That David guy saying ‘I’m glad I didn’t get a rose, I feel you made a mountain out of a molehill and judged too soon’ to Sam was quite rude and I think everyone was happy to see him get booted

  4. It’s taken a while but The Honourable Woman has finally become properly interesting. Looking fwd to next wk. And the final two eps of Catasrophe were really good, too. A gem of a series. Honest but funny writing and great natural performances from the leads.

    1. I have stayed with Honour Woman, partly due to the strong cast and also some of the reviews. I did however look the plot up on wiki and although it does give away the story, it convinced me to stick with it.

  5. Very interesting episode last night good on Sam for showing that guy the door, he definitely made a fool out of himself. Interesting to also see the show had beaten X-factor with the ratings Ch Ten must be happy with the success so far am really enjoying it!

  6. Ten have been doing well this year with their reality shows all sustaing and most improving from last year but they lose these audiences because they have nothing after 830pm what a waste ten.cmon

  7. Sam Frost is holding this show together, a very pleasant fair minded person. Good on her. David the model was well ‘erm a bit weird, he didn’t seem to be on the show to date Sam, far from it and when he rightly got turfed, it seemed to fit in with his international model schedule. It did cross my mind as to whether he was on something…who knows. At the rose ceremony Osher (aka captain obvious) was unusually cold and abrupt towards him compared to his usual cheesey self. There is a story in this somewhere….

  8. I have to say I’m enjoying the Bachelorette more than the Bachelor. It’s fascinating to see the difference in dynamics between how men and women cope in a similar scenario. The boys are hilariously supportive when one gets a single date, as opposed to the girls who sit there with side glances waiting to stab.
    Really enjoying it so far…. and glad it’s doing well. 🙂

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