Bondi Vet: Sept 12


Bondi Vet returns to TEN this weekend.

Dr. Chris Brown and co. return from 6pm Saturday, with episode 19 of 22 eps from Season 7.

Dr Chris Brown heads out to sea to help save an endangered Grey Nurse shark which has been spotted entangled in a fishing line.

At SASH, a newborn wallaby has been rushed in after its mother was hit and killed by a car. Specialist surgeon Dr Steve Fearnside is anxious to check if the fragile little orphan has any injuries.

Two Double Bay residents witness a young duck in trouble and call Dr. Chris to check it out. The duck has a nasty limp and when Chris finally manages to catch it, he discovers it has a swollen leg. Everyone is stunned when Chris diagnoses the leg as a bad case of gout.

6pm Saturday on TEN.

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  1. You’d have to wonder when he ever has time to film this, what with everything else TEN throws him into. And does Chris ever have time to be a vet even? You’d have to suspect not.

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