Brian McFadden Doing the Dishes for ITV

What’s Brian McFadden, former judge on Australia’s Got Talent, up to these days?

Unremarkably, he has been hosting a UK cooking game show called Who’s Doing the Dishes? which has just been renewed for a second season.

The format has a mystery celebrity cooking up a dinner for 4 diners who have to guess who their VIP chef is based on various clues around the house. Sounds like a variation on ITV’s own Come Dine with Me, which has been very successful.

If the diners guess correctly they win money, if they get it wrong they have to do the dishes. Seriously.

Executive Producer for ITV Studios Entertainment, Katie Rawcliffe, said: “We are delighted Who’s Doing the Dishes has been recommissioned by Helen Warner and her team, and that it has become a returnable brand for ITV Studios. But most importantly we are looking forward to Brian McFadden stirring up a feast of delights in more celebrity homes as the diners guess who is cooking their dinner.”

Last year McFadden co-hosted Channel 5 dating show Stand By Your Man.

While he is also doing radio and has released a new song “Call On me Brother,” so far Australia has remained immune to McFadden’s latest TV contribution.


  1. I’ve watched this show that goes out at 2pm daily . It’s almost impossible to guess the celebrity as the dinner guests gets clues & are thinking ooh brad Pitt, John Travolta and it turns out to be some z list celebrity who appeared on season 3 of big brother

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