Danger Mouse is back

UK stars attend a secret premiere screening of a classic series rebooted for a new generation.

UK stars have joined cast members for a top secret premiere screening of the rebooted Danger Mouse series in London.

Denise Van Outen, Matthew Lewis, Meera Syal, and Kate Garraway joined cast members Alexander Armstrong (Danger Mouse), Kevin Eldon (Penfold), Dave Lamb (The Narrator), Morwenna Banks (The Queen Pink Dawn), Richard Osman (Professor Strontium Jellyfishowitz), Ed Gaughan (Baron Greenback), Shauna MacDonald (Professor Squawkencluck) and Rasmus Hardiker (Count Duckula) for the screening.

New cast members were also announced: Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd), Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon) and Miranda Richardson (Mapp And Lucia, Harry Potter).

Star Alexander Armstrong said: “I think when you get to play a character whose title music has swooning girls singing “he’s fan-TAS-tic” you’ve got to go outside and have a little sit down haven’t you? Yes, I know it’s not ME they’re singing about, but still. Everyone loves Danger Mouse…. It’s the closest to playing Bond I’ll ever get.”

Other voice cast members for the series include Stephen Fry, Lena Headey and John Oliver.

The series premieres in the UK on the 34th anniversary of the original series, on September 28th.

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  1. Absolutely loved this show as a kid. Can’t say there was anything in the trailer that made me laugh out loud but I’ll still give this reboot a shot coz they’ve got the charm down nicely.

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