Emi and Marie win The Hotplate


Brisbane best friends Emi and Marie won Nine’s Hotplate series, taking out the $100,000 on offer.

The pair from Japanese restaurant Bird’s Nest defeated Sydney husband and wife team, Aron and Vanessa, from Rocksalt.

The final two teams were required to cook four courses in four hours judged by Tom Parker Bowles, Scott Pickett and guest judge Guillaume Brahimi, at Pickett’s own Melbourne restaurant.

Marie, who admitted to shunning her own Japanese ethnicity, also revealed that she is pregnant with a baby girl whom she plans to name her after her mother who passed away when she was thirteen.

The series wrapped a controversial series for Nine, which Seven accused of cloning from its own My Kitchen Rules. While a Federal Court judge declined Seven’s injunction request, the dispute will proceed to a full copyright case.

But unlike Seven’s own Restaurant Revolution, Nine managed to carve out an audience for their show. Ironically the Seven series, which concludes next week, will give away double the amount of money of Nine’s.


  1. Will be very surprised if this show returns next year, as we know a court case is pending and I think 7 will win, also the presiding judge who let this particular show go ahead this year – still said I think from memory, that 7 had a reasonable case or words to that affect of copy write or similar, and I don’t think that the judge would make a statement like this if he didn’t think its worth continuing with.

  2. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this show – mainly because they were such a likable bunch of people. I agree though that $100k doesn’t seem like much to offer a business.

    • Yes, I enjoyed it as well – really entertaining contestants, though some were pretty mediocre cooks.
      Congrats to Marie and Emi – well deserved.
      It was almost too close to call though as Aaron and Vanessa also did a fantastic job with the GF four course dinner.
      I think the girls’, (by all accounts), divine duck broth/Japanese mushroom main course won it for them.
      Love the wonderful friendship/partnership between the girls.
      Surprised Christina didn’t receive a special award for the number of times she mentioned her “Palate” throughout the series – it was definitely being counted off with a cash register “ding” every time she said it.

      Liked that The Hotplate was short and sweet and didn’t drag on for too long.

    • Given the pending legal case it would need to be late 2016. I can’t see Nine starting casting and pre-prdn on the hope of winning their case. With a show comprising this many hours you really need to be locking down alternatives and planning ahead.

    • Yes, I agree… Channel 7 offer on average $200,000 and Channel Ten $250,000. I also find that they don’t spend as much money on their reality series. Where were the big name guests on The Voice this year. X Factor seems to bring in huge names to perform on a weekly basis.

      • X Factor usually brings in big names on those “verdict” shows, whereas Voice does not have those. Seven usually gives away $250k but I think realised $1M on Big Adventure does not guarantee you ratings. For many years TEN gave away $100k on MasterChef despite it pulling massive crowds. It’s only been the last few years it has increased.

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