Fall TV predictions

The Muppets, Supergirl and Heroes: Reborn look set to take off according to US audience research.


According to audience research in the US, The Muppets, Supergirl and Heroes: Reborn are poised to become Fall TV hits.

Nielsen and Ipsos have conducted private weekly polls among viewers on upcoming new shows, measuring them on 1) Awareness and 2) Intent to View.

Seven, Nine and TEN all have shows that ranked well:

Heroes Reborn,
The Muppets,
Scream Queens,

Honourable mentions went to Chicago Med, The Player, Quantico, Limitless, Code Black and Dr. Ken.

At the other end of the scale were:

Truth Be Told,
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,
Wicked City,
Life in Pieces,
Angel from Hell,
Blood and Oil,
Minority Report

Source: EW

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  1. Looking forward to the muppets as well. Just wish I knew what 7 was doing with them. Really hope they’re not going to have us wait until next year.

    Still wondering what they doing with Agent Carter with the first series now all done.

  2. Supergirl, The Muppets and Heroes Reborn are always going to poll well because they have strong brand recognition (that’s why they are being made) and the trailers are being heavily promoted. The biggest hit of last year was Empire which came from nowhere and grew by word of mouth.

    Supergirl doesn’t start till the end of October. Speculation is WB may have sold more than TBBT repeats to Seven, but nothing has been announced. Without a deal WB could sell it at MIPCOM.

    Even if a network has a show will they fast track it, hold it for the 2016 ratings show, show it on a secondary channel, on-sell it to Stan, Presto or Foxtel or sit on it for a year then burn it off?

  3. I’m looking forward to Quantico, The Player & Code Black. Don’t know much about Limitless or Dr Ken. I’m hoping we’ll get Supergirl & it won’t go to Foxtel. Is Chicago MD another spin off from Chicago Fire & Chicagp PD? We still haven’t got Chicago PD yet & according to EW next weeks episode is a crossover with Chicago PD & it’s not even showing here yet. Ch 7 should have got their act together & started airing it so they would tie in together.

    1. Chicago PD season 2 is currently airing on the universal channel which is available on foxtel or fetch. Season 2 episode 7 of Chicago PD is part of a crossover with Chicago Fire Season 3 episode 7 and Law and Order SVU season 16 episode 7. As your aware the Chicago Fire episode of the crossover is next week on 7 at 10.40pm but it also has already aired on foxtel as 7 has 2nd run rights. Chicago PD episode of the crossover aired about a couple of months ago on Universal. The SVU part of the of the crossover has already aired on ten but they are rerunning season 16 at the moment and episode 7 is due in a few weeks as long ten continues with the double svu reruns on Thursday. That’s not the only crossover there is another crossover later in the last season for all these shows.

    1. I am also looking forward to Heroes but that is just because of how good the first season was. After that it went downhill so hard and I don’t even know if I made it to season 3.

      I really hope they can stay strong this time.

        1. Yes I found the retweet it was actually on the 2/9 and it only said coming soon to foxtel not what channel it will be on. Its like its some big secret what channel it will end up on foxtel. Its also disappointing it won’t be on free to air. Free to air viewers keep getting shafted when it comes to drama.

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