Footy Show, Anger Management: update

Late night Footy Shows move back for a Celebrity Apprentice replay.


If you happen to watch one of the Footy Shows late editions, such as AFL in Sydney or NRL in Melbourne, you’ll be waiting a bit longer tonight.

Nine is now replaying Celebrity Apprentice at 10:30pm. Both Footy Shows are now bumped to midnight in various states. No doubt that’s due to some rather ordinary numbers by the show last night.

An Anger Management episode, which was to have screened at midnight is now in place at 12:20am Monday (Tuesday morning).

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  1. AFL fans do exist in NRL states – and generally they have to record everything on Nine up to 2am or so after the NRL footy show just to make sure you actually get the AFL show in – as they always run so late.

    A midnight start for the AFL footy show means we will be recording Nine from midnight until Today starts just to make sure it all gets in!

  2. If I had known Nine were going to air a repeat of Celebrity Apprentice, then I wouldn’t have tuned into last night.

    Now I have to miss out on watching the AFL Footy Show completely as a midnight airing is too late for me to watch from beginning to end! And its not a good sign as it is both the AFL and NRL Finals Series and there would be seem to be more interest in both Footy Shows!!

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