Great Australian Spelling Bee finalists

The Great Australian Spelling Bee Finalists with Grant Denyer and Chrissie Swan

Six children aged 8 – 12 will compete for the series title of The Great Australian Spelling Bee tonight on TEN.

Last night eight finalists competed for the last six places.

Proceeding to the grand final are:

Marko, Harrison 12 (Vic)
Grace 8 (NSW)
Mica 10 (NSW)
Harpita 8 (Vic)
Anirudh 9 (Vic)
Marko 11 (NSW)

But Peyton, 10, from South Australia and Amelia, 9, from Queensland were eliminated last night.

The prize tonight is a Macquarie Dictionary, a computer, $10,000 educational goods for the winner’s school, $50,000 towards their education and a shiny trophy.


  1. Yes, Gracie is one of a kind – 8 going on 18 but so bright.
    I think it will be between her and Mica who is also impossibly bright and self-composed.

    But I would love to see little Harpita win – such a determined little sweetie and also incredibly bright and focussed.

  2. harrypotter1994

    Anyone else having issues replying to top comment?

    Won’t let me click on par’s comment but fine for mj.

    I agree @par3182 Grace cracks me up!

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