Insight: Sept 1


It’s SBS’ very own Seven Up.

For the last nine years, Insight has tracked the lives of a diverse and candid group of teenagers.

They’re now young adults, reuniting again at 22, tonight on SBS.

We first met them at age Thirteen. They were a raucous bunch who wanted to tell Australia about what mattered to them: peer pressure, terrorism and the role of technology in their lives.

At Sixteen, we brought them back and they shared the changes that were starting to develop in their lives, from the difficulties of fitting in, to navigating sex and handling loss.

Nineteen saw the onset of financial pressures and personal responsibility and having to deal with depression and finding love.

How different are they now and how have the dreams they’ve shared over 9 years changed?

Guests include:

Lionel Wood
When Lionel Wood was first on Insight as a 13 year old he spoke to Jenny Brockie about how he lacked strong male role models in his life. Nine years on Lionel works as a community liaison officer at Apollo House in Dubbo where he mentors young kids. Since Lionel was last on the show he won the Dubbo Young Citizen of the Year Award.

Hayden Coggan
Since the last time Hayden was on Insight he’s married Talitha and gone from apprentice to tradesman. His focus is saving for a house and he plans to have kids in the next couple of years. When previously on the show Hayden talked about the loss of his mum, but says it’s better now that he has his wife Talitha to confide in.

Alex Rzechowicz
When Alex appeared on Insight as a 13 year old he spoke of his passion for ballet and the insecurities he faced as a teenage ballet dancer. Since Jenny spoke to Alex last, he travelled to LA to pursue his dream of working there as an actor, but explains how the city chewed him up and spat him out. Alex has now quit acting and is in the Army Reserve.

Shane Riley
Shane has quit working at an abattoir in Dubbo and now works in high schools as a support officer for teens struggling with depression and anxiety. He’s got a serious girlfriend of three years.

Lina Darwiche
When Lina first joined Insight as a thirteen-year-old in 2006, she was worried about the tension between muslim and non-Muslim Australians. She says that things have changed for the better since then. Lina had previously told Insight that her dream was to be married by the age of 22 – she says now that was a fantasy and she is completely dedicated to her career as a primary school teacher.

Brodie Nugent
Since Brodie last appeared on Insight she’s given up on her idea of being a teacher and now wants to become a Sinn Fein MP. She is hoping to move to Ireland next year after finishing her History Honours Thesis on Irish Republicanism.

8:30pm tonight on SBS.

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