Janice Dickinson treated for allergic reaction after Big Brother UK collapse


Warning: Distressing video

Celebrity Big Brother UK housemate Janice Dickinson received emergency medical attention earlier this week after a bee sting, which caused her to collapse in the show’s Diary Room.

The former US model and Reality star, pleaded with producers to bring an EpiPen, describing her hand as turning black.

“I don’t want it to reach my heart!” she said.

While she was being assessed by medical, she began to have a seizure and fell on the floor.

The Mirror reports she was escorted away for medical attention and later returned.

But frankly, this is a video that should never have emerged from the production. What were they thinking?


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    If she knew that she was allergic to bee stings, why didn’t she have ready access to her EpiPen? Something’s not right there. Reportedly she was back at the house within 3 hours so obviously a rapid recovery from her near-death experience.

  2. I’m watching big brother and the reason they aired this was it was 100% fake. She was being lazy, making everyone clean up after her, fetch & carry tea and toast in bed etc so they all had enough & told her. she had just got a warning from big brother for spitting in Austins face. So what did she do to get attention/sympathy? Faked a bee sting and collapse. Everyone on the after show BBBOTS thought it was fake too

  3. If this clip never was to see the light of day, people like myself wouldn’t be able to view it from this forum.
    Furthermore are you sure about your view (this clip should never have seen the light of day) you still went on to post this here anyway? Confused!!

    • Yes I gave this due consideration before posting. Firstly, we know she finished up ok, if not I would have had grave considerations about posting it. Secondly, I also put a clear warning, giving you the decision as to whether to click on it. Thirdly, it gives us rare insight into Reality shows and their duty of care. By making it public it compels others to do better.

      My remark that this should never have seen the light of day pertains to the bad PR for the production. I don’t see how it benefits the show in any way, shape or form. Other executive producers would likely tell you they would not have allowed the footage to reach the public under their watch. It’s bad for the brand and those involved.

      No confusion.

      • Well I’m sorry, i disagree from the onset! I think there isn’t nearly enough exposure on Tv about what allergic reactions people can have when bitten by bees. As a support worker for someone that needs to carry an EpiPen for similar reasons here I think it furthermore raises awareness and draws people’s attention to it due to Janice’ status.

  4. The man attending Janice was a security guard (probably with basic first aid skills), along with the cameramen behind the glass they are physically the closest people to the Housemates so in the event of a massive emergency they will always be first on scene.

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