Million Dollar Minute has left the building


“Bye for now!” said host Simon Reeve as Seven’s game show Million Dollar Minute exiteed our screens yesterday.

There were no farewells or looking back on past winners as the show took its leave after 2 years on air.

But it did manage to give away $200,000 to its champion Michael Nunan.

Thankfully he opted not to play on for the $300,000 -surprisingly host Simon Reeve went through the motions of giving him the option. What if he had said ‘Yes?’

The show departs after Seven acknowledges it has not performed well enough against Hot Seat (last week averaging 470,000 viewers to Nine’s 587,000).

Over its 2 year run, originally launched with host Grant Denyer, $MDM only managed to give away its million dollar prize once, to Andrew Skarbek -something Hot Seat is yet to achieve- but there were 3 winners over $500,000.

Previous champ Brydon Coverdale will surface as The Shark in the replacement series The Chase, hosted by Andrew O’Keefe from 5pm on Monday.

Million Dollar Minute will now live on in Vietnam where a local version of the Seven-devised series is in production.


  1. I loved MDM used to watch it to chill after a hard days work. The Chase is too frenetic and hardly relaxing and nobody beats the chaser, it’s pretty boring. Don’t much like the format either. Total disappointment! goodbye 7!

  2. I’m really annoyed….I love my 5pm – 6pm relaxation time watching Deal Or No Deal and Million Dollar Minute….MDM is my favourite game show and I love Simon Reeve ….he’s an awesome host.
    I did not even hear anything about MDM ending until I looked at todays TV guide and saw it was no longer there – You suck 7!!!!

    • I am also disappointed, it just ended. I will definitely not be watching the chase, didn’t really like the British version, don’t like the format. It’s disgusting that channel 7 doesn’t think about the loyal followers of quiz shows. I love quiz shows normally, but didn’t like the hot seat either. I think 7 is going down the wrong road. Looks like I get an hour free tvless time of an evening now!

  3. I was annoyed how the last episode ended they could of had a look back at some of the big cash prizes they gave away and simon is a good host so not happy seven!

  4. This Chase thing is Seven’s biggest mistake of the year after Restaurant Revolution. I’m predicting it will be a total flop and they will have to bring back Deal and MDM. It reminds me of Pass the Buck. For several years Nine had a successful game show called Catch Phrase hosted by John Burgess, but in 2004 someone decided to axe it and bring in a new game show called Pass the Buck, also hosted by Burgo. It bombed badly and had to be axed. Nine then brought back Catch Phrase. The parallels with what Seven are doing now are even more pronounced because The Chase is being hosted by Andrew O’Keefe, host of the axed Deal or No Deal.

  5. I watched this last episode out of curiosity, but it was clear the end was edited, most likely because it was shot before it got axed. The awkward joke about the contestant “not wanting to see” Simon again was obviously edited as it went into a line to the camera assumably about seeing us next week with new contestants coz there was a definite cutaway to the contestant and a sound trim on the “Bye for now!”.

  6. Mr game show fan

    No wonder MDM left the building.
    When you have seven consecutive episodes of one contestant going for a particular amount (as the case was with Michael Nunan) , you’re going to lose viewers.

  7. I hope they didn’t leave it with further episodes in the can.
    Most game shows only pay out winnings after the episode has aired. There might be some contestants who lost out on their winnings.
    Just a thought.

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