Molly: trailer


During its Peter Allen miniseries last night, Seven released its first peek at the upcoming Molly telemovie, starring Sam Johnson.

The drama is expected in 2016.

NB: Seven advises music righis for this clip have now expired.


  1. this looks like a well made mini series of molly meldrum but i do agree this might be the start of nearly 5 months advertising before a feb 2016 airdate that would kill it if they did that

  2. I heard Molly say about a month ago that he is planning on leaving the country when this airs. He doesn’t want to see it, but he has been helping Sam a fair bit I believe.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    That actually looks half good and Johnson looks remarkably like him. The only trouble is that I’m so familiar with Molly’s story that seeing all of the bits that have been talked about and shown as video clips dozens of times just made it seem like it’s riddled with clichés. I also don’t know if I could put up with watching the re-imagined backroom scenes or any completely made-up bits.

  4. Show me a promo a few weeks before actual air date not months in advance for a 2016 airdate. At this rate we’ll probably start getting hounded with Mkr ads soon.

    • @tvf I don’t have an issue with it if its only during the Peter Allen show. With both being biopics its good promotion for whenever they air the show probably in 2016

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