NRL Footy Show addresses Beau Ryan headlines

After a week of gossip, the Footy Show acknowledges time out for Beau Ryan.


All week media have speculated on The NRL Footy Show‘s Beau Ryan, following reports of an apparent affair, including that he had been ‘stood down’ by the show.

Last night Fatty Vautin and Erin Molan ready a carefully-worded statement at the opening of the show, but said his absence was not due to being fired.

“Those reports are completely untrue. Beau and his family have taken some much-needed time away, after consultation with Channel Nine and The Footy Show and his management. Beau has done this with our blessing,” Vautin said.

But the show did not detail the cause of the family issues.

“There are of course a wife and a child involved with this, who are close members of our Footy Show family, and they are now spending some much-needed time away working on their own family issues,” Molan added.

“It’s their private life and that’s what we will respect and we ask you to understand and respect that as well. (There are) two innocent parties in this, so please do.”

Beau Ryan has been a regular on the show since 2009 and a permanent panelist since 2014.

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